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Cuoihoi Liver-Cleansing Superfoods

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9. Walnuts

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The high amount of the amino acid l-arginine in walnuts aids the liver in detoxifying ammonia. Moreover, walnuts contain glutathione and omega-3 fatty acids, which aid the natural liver-cleansing process.

According to a 2008 study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, walnut polyphenols prevent liver damage induced by carbon tetrachloride and d-galactosamine.

  • Munch on a handful of walnuts as a snack daily.
  • You can also sprinkle them over a salad, side dish, soup or baked goods.

10. Broccoli



Support the natural liver-cleansing process by including broccoli in your diet. Being rich in glucosinolates, it helps flush carcinogens and other harmful toxins out of the body.

The high fiber content in broccoli also improves the digestion process. Moreover, it contains fat-soluble vitamin E, an important antioxidant for the liver to carry out its functions.

Eat 1 cup of broccoli 3 times a week to keep your liver healthy.


Also, to keep your liver healthy, health experts recommend eliminating or reducing animal foods as well as alcohol, refined sugar, excess caffeine and processed foods from your diet. In addition, stop smoking as it causes significant damage to different organs of the body, including the liver.


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  1. Dear Sir/Madam,
    My wife was suffered psoriasis lightly at sole of the foot and also in the heels as cracked like anything , we went the checkup regularly to a Dermatologist, but she feels the English medicine not fits her health as she is suffered stomach pain due to heavy dose of the tablets which intake daily , so any one can give me some inputs to cure it naturally and what are the vegetables & herbals you know to take it regularly, so will try to go naturally and I saw a message that beetroot juice can cure the sole psoriasis and I thank for that grateful information and will ask my wife to follow the same however looking forward to hear from all of you some more home remedies information to cure the cracked heels because her heel skin looks very dry , Thank you and awaiting for your valuable message ….

  2. What do you recommend for CIRRHOIS of the liver..leaky gut
    andfattyliver?.,..Drs don’t help much.
    Tell me to check in with them every
    six months for blood work,eat right
    and hope it doesn’t turn into cancer.
    CIRRHOIS is non alcoholic..been
    overweight all my life..not obese.
    just little too heavy and that’s what
    they blame it on..Feel like I’m getting
    a run around and want to know other
    NATURAL options. All options welcome. THANKS!

  3. A castor oil pack is good for cleansing the liver.

    Soak wool flannel in castor oil and place in the area of the liver and cover with a heating pad or hot water bottle and rest for one hour with the pack over the liver. Do it every day for two weeks for one hour a day. It will help your liver to detox.

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