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Cuoihoi Fat-Burning Superfoods

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7. Green Apples

green aaples

Green apples are a great fat-burning food due to their high soluble fiber, vitamin C and a higher antioxidant content.

What makes this fruit all the more effective for weight loss is the presence of pectin in it, a soluble fiber that digests slowly but provides bulk. Pectin restricts the amount of fat your cells can absorb.


Green apples also have a higher content of polyphenol compounds that help manage fat cells in the body.

Plus, apples are great for boosting your metabolism which in turn helps burn fat.

Enjoy 1 green apple daily. Make sure to thoroughly rinse the skin of apples before eating them. If you don’t have green apples, you can still enjoy red apples. They also improve your metabolism and help keep you feeling full for longer.


8. Broccoli



Broccoli is one of those rare vegetables that help in fat-burning process in the body.

It is packed with phytochemicals that accelerate the breakdown of fat in the cells, thus getting the body into a fat burning state instead of storing fat.

Additionally, it is rich in vitamins C, A, K, B6 and B12; magnesium; folate; and dietary fiber which help in burning fat. This cruciferous vegetable also helps fight inflammation, a major factor that contributes to weight loss resistance in the body.

Include 1 to 1 ½ cups of raw or cooked broccoli in your regular diet, 4 to 5 times a week.

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