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Cuoihoi Super Foods that Fight Stress

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9. Brown Rice

brown rice

Brown rice contains a good amount of B vitamins, which are extremely important for maintaining cells, tissues and organs. They work as natural mood stabilizers and also help in biochemical reactions involved in brain functioning, healthy red blood cells, immunity and cardiac functioning.

When the body gets an adequate amount of B vitamins, you’ll be better able to fight off stress and many associated mood disorders.


The next time you feel irritable or moody, eat brown rice products and you will feel better soon

10. Avocados

avocado tree


Avocados contain a good amount of minerals, protein, and vitamins C and E. They are also high in fiber, potassium and healthy fat. All these nutrients help regulate stress hormones by keeping your nerves and brain cells healthy.

Eating one-half or whole avocado daily can significantly lower your blood pressure level and reduce your stress hormone level. You can eat avocado plain or add it to your favorite fruit salad or smoothie. For best results, eat fresh avocado instead of the packaged versions.


To conclude, these stress-busting foods are packed with nutrients that can regulate stress hormones and help you enjoy a stress-free life.


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11 thoughts on “Cuoihoi Super Foods that Fight Stress”

  1. I love green tea… And also I would recommend eating any food reach in magnesium as the deficiency of this mineral create in people bad mood and stress…

  2. I’ve try all your remedies except one the green tea, does plain old sweet tea count? P.S. Love your top #9. Thanks!!!

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