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Cuoihoi Super Foods for Strong Bones

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9. Salmon


Salmon is a type of fatty fish that contains a wide range of bone-boosting nutrients including calcium, protein, vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids. Both vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids help increase the absorption of calcium in the body.

Regular consumption of salmon helps improve bone density and bone accumulation. At the same time, salmon is good for heart health.


Salmon can be grilled, poached or baked and you can easily incorporate it into a wide variety of healthy dishes.

10. Sardines



Another excellent source of calcium and vitamin D is sardines. In fact, sardines contain as much calcium per serving as milk and dairy products. Sardines also contain a good amount of omega-3 fatty acids, phosphorus and vitamin B12.

As these little fish are perishable in nature, the most common way to enjoy sardines is from a can. The canned sardines can be added to pizza, salads or any mashed dish. In many places, sardines are also available in fresh form and they can be easily added to salads, pastas and sauces.


In addition to eating these superfoods for strong bones, it is essential to consume less salt (it may deplete calcium in the body), regularly expose your body to sunshine to give it the required dose of vitamin D and to indulge in regular weight-bearing exercises to enjoy healthy bones and strong muscles.

For more information on how to maintain strong bones, view this useful video explaining the importance of maintaining a healthy balance of calcium and magnesium in the body to promote bone health.



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  1. I love this website…it has various useful info. The best thing is I tells you exactly what u need to and the consequence of them if It properly. Unlike others where everything is good.

    1. I can’t stand drinking milk eitehr, however, when I was pregnant with Mira, I couldn’t get enough milk, yogurt, cheese good thing I’m not lactose intolerant!! At least it’s something healthy that you are craving!! Hope you are feeling well

  2. Excellent ideas. The only thing I would change is: if it’s NON-GMO, it’s OK. But for right now anything SOY should be avoided. A great majority of soy now is GMO. It has in chemicals and DNA in it that is completely harmful to any human. Estrogen is one chemical. It’s sad because I used to live in San Francisco and loved Tofu and cooked up a lot of Soy – just about lived on it because the protein count was high 0 and it was cheap. Now soy is only good for industrial use.

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