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Cuoihoi Tips for Taking Care of a Newborn Baby

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9. Apply Moisturizer Often

Initially after birth, your baby’s skin will be soft, smooth and silky. But most babies’ skin becomes dry and flaky in no time.

The skin becomes dry from being exposed to air after remaining soaked in liquid in the womb for nine months.

apply moisturizer often


You don’t have to do anything about your baby’s dry skin, as it heals with time. However, to reduce the discomfort, you can apply a hypoallergenic baby lotion that is fragrance-free. You can ask your pediatrician to recommend a lotion for your baby.

Apply the lotion a few times a day.

10. Never Shake a Newborn

Be extremely careful not to shake your newborn, while playing or even waking your baby from sleep. Shaking that is rough can cause bleeding in the brain and even death.

If you need to wake your baby, do not shake him or her. Remember that your newborn is not ready for rough play or handling. Try to tickle your baby’s feet or blow gently on a cheek.


never shake a newborn baby

To prevent excessive shaking, always make sure your baby is securely fastened into the carrier, stroller or car seat.

Even when holding your baby, make sure you are not doing so too tightly, which can inhibit your baby’s ability to breathe properly.


Additional Tips

  • It is normal for the umbilical cord stump to change color from yellow to blackish, so do not panic if you notice this.
  • Consult a doctor if you smell a foul odor or see any discharge from the umbilical cord.
  • Have a support person stay with you for the first few days after giving birth. This can give you the confidence you need at this crucial time.
  • Put reminders on your calendar of the vaccines your baby needs and when.
  • Always put your baby down to sleep on a firm mattress, such as in a safety-approved crib.
  • Remove soft, fluffy and loose bedding as well as stuffed toys from your baby’s sleep area.
  • Do not allow smoking around your baby.
  • It is best to feed your baby every couple of hours.
  • Initially your baby will sleep at least 16 hours every day. But don’t expect your baby to sleep all through the night. Your baby will wake up frequently for feedings.
  • Do a lot of hugging, kissing, cradling and gently stroking to help your baby bond with you.



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