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How to Help Manage ADHD during Pregnancy

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4. Get Proper Sleep

The ongoing hormonal changes in the body as well as the increasing weight of the baby can make it difficult for pregnant women to enjoy sound sleep. According to the National Institutes of Health, during pregnancy, women may need a few more hours of sleep per night or a few short naps during the day.

get proper sleep to manage ADHD during pregnancy

A 2010 study published in Sleep Medicine Reviews reports that pregnant women need sufficient sleep to nourish the development of their infants and the energy they need for the labor and delivery process.


The study also sheds light on the fact that sleep deprivation during pregnancy has been associated with longer labor, elevated perception of pain and discomfort during labor, higher cesarean rates, preterm labor and higher levels of pro-inflammatory serum cytokines.

Also, a healthy amount of sleep can help improve symptoms of ADHD, such as irritability and inattention. On the other hand, sleep disturbances can make ADHD symptoms worse.

5. Pay Attention to Diet and Nutrition

A healthy diet and proper nutrition is important during pregnancy and in managing ADHD symptoms.

Both the body and brain require different types of nutrients to function properly and, during pregnancy, you need to follow a well-balanced diet to ensure good health for your baby.


pay attention to diet and nutrition to control ADHD during pregnancy

Eat foods high in protein to increase the production of dopamine, which helps you stay focused. Also, eat magnesium-rich foods to help reduce irritability, increase attention span and lessen mental confusion.

Take prenatal vitamins as well as the fatty acids and brain foods that help negate undesirable symptoms.

Other foods that may be helpful are foods rich in vitamin B6, zinc and calcium.


Caution: During pregnancy, do not take any nutritional supplements without consulting your doctor.

Additional Tips

  • It is recommended to switch to a gluten-free diet to improve behavior and thinking.
  • Keep drinking water throughout the day to prevent everything from stretch marks to emotional meltdowns.
  • Spend quality time with your family.
  • Look for new ways to improve your connection with your unborn baby.


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