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Benefits of Drinking Coconut Water during Pregnancy

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6. Provides Magnesium and Calcium

Calcium and magnesium are two other important nutrients that you can get from coconut water.

These nutrients work in combination to ensure a healthy pregnancy. While magnesium relaxes the muscles, calcium stimulates the muscles to contract. This means when you get adequate magnesium and calcium during pregnancy, it can help prevent the uterus from contracting prematurely.

coconut water provides magnesium and calcium


Both calcium and magnesium also help with energy production and support various organ functioning.

At the same time, magnesium helps build strong teeth and bones in your baby.

7. Keeps Blood Pressure under Control

Consuming coconut water on a regular basis can help keep your blood pressure under control. This is mainly due to the potassium and magnesium in it.

coconut water helps lower blood pressure


Potassium binds with salt and helps remove it from the body. A lower sodium level in the blood means lower blood pressure.

Also, it helps prevent magnesium deficiency in the body, which is linked to high blood pressure. It has been found that women with gestational hypertension had significantly low mean magnesium levels.


8. Backents Urinary Tract Infections

Coconut water is a natural diuretic, which means it promotes urination. This helps prevent a lot of infections like urinary tract infections (UTIs).

Pregnant women are at a high risk for such infections due to growing size of the uterus which sits directly above the bladder. Drinking coconut water daily is an easy way to prevent this problem. This also curbs the chances of premature labor.

coconut water prevents urinary tract infections

Additionally, it helps maintain the health of the kidneys, reducing the risk of kidney stones and infections.

However, bear in mind that drinking coconut water can increase your trips to the bathroom.

Important Notes:

  • Do not drink coconut water in excess. One to two glass of this tasty beverage daily is plenty.
  • If you have a history of tree nut allergies, you maybe allergic to coconut water too.
  • If you have gestational diabetes or are already a diabetic, limit your intake of coconut water due to its high carbohydrate content.
  • Drink coconut water as soon as you cut open the coconut, when the water is fresh and rich in nutrients.

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  1. How helpful is cocoanut water in a situation of high bloodpressure in pregnancy. Can you please send some facts into my box for reading and digestion after the print out.

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