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10 Reasons Why Your Baby is Crying a Lot

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7. Wants Attention

baby wants attention

Babies are not designed to be alone, and they love to be social. Most babies expect to be around people. This is why babies often cry when they want to be held or played with.

In fact, some babies are more sensitive and need a lot of cuddling. When they do not get the much-needed attention, they start crying. Such babies stop crying after getting the sensory stimulation that comes with touching, talking and cuddling.


Simply hold your baby close by your heart to stop the crying. The rhythm of your heartbeat, the warmth of your body and your smell is what your baby needs at times.


8. Needs to Burp


If your baby is fussy and cries after a feeding, then all that he or she may need is a good burp.

Small babies have a tendency to swallow air while breastfeeding or sucking from a bottle. When this swallowed air is not released through burping, it may cause discomfort.


After a feeding, pat or rub your baby’s back for a minute to cause him or her to burp.

You can even try a different feeding position to reduce the chances of your baby swallowing air.

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