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10 Pregnancy Myths that You Should Know About

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Myth #7: Carrying High Means It’s a Girl

One of the most common myths that surround pregnancy is the shape of a woman’s stomach and what it means. It is said that when a woman is carrying high, it indicates she’s having a baby girl. Conversely, if she is carrying low, it is a boy.

carrying high means its a girl

Fact: Again, there is no scientific basis for this assumption. The shape and size of a pregnant belly depends on several other factors, such as the shape of your uterus, your unique body type and your abdominal muscles.


Also, the position of the fetus, posture and the amount of fat deposited around the abdomen determine the shape of your pregnant belly.

If you want to know the gender of your unborn baby, your doctor can tell you as soon as you are far enough along in your pregnancy.

Myth #8: The Fetal Heart Rate Indicates a Baby’s Gender

Another universal myth about gender revolves around your baby’s heart rate. It is believed that if the baby’s heart rate is fast, it means it is a baby girl, while a slow heart rate means it is a baby boy.


pregnancy myth fetal heart rate indicates baby gender


Fact: Again, there is no scientific explanation behind this widely popular notion. The heart rate of the fetus changes throughout the pregnancy and is dependent upon the health and age of the growing fetus in your womb.

A 2006 study published in Fetal Diagnosis and Therapy that analyzed heart rates during the first trimester found that contrary to beliefs commonly held by many pregnant women and their families, there were no significant differences between male and female fetal heart rates.

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  1. That myth number 2 is true. The Doctor always prescribes for the pregnant women to take a walk at least 30 minutes a day. It’s really helpful for them.

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