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10 Common Postpartum Body Problems and How to Deal With Them

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9. Varicose Veins

Another common issue for postpartum mothers is varicose veins. During pregnancy, some women develop dilated blood vessels near the skin’s surface, most often on the calves and thighs. Heredity, hormonal changes in the body and the pressure on the veins due to pregnancy all play a role.

varicose veins postpartum

Varicose veins improve after childbirth, but sometimes it takes several months.


Light exercises like stretching and walking as well as exercises like leg lifts and hamstring curls will prevent new varicose veins from forming.

Avoid sitting for long periods of time, but if you must, then keep changing positions regularly. Also, elevate your legs as much as possible.

Plus, compression stockings can help a lot when dealing with varicose veins.

10. Constipation

The ongoing hormonal changes in the body after delivery can slow down the gastrointestinal system and cause constipation. Also, certain pain medications prescribed by your doctor can cause constipation.


constipation post pregnancy

Plus, the problem is more common in women who had a long labor (without eating anything) or who had a bowel movement or enema during the process.

To deal with constipation, eat high-fiber foods to stimulate bowel activity and drink plenty of water. You can also ask your doctor to recommend a stool softener.

In most cases, the problem resolves within a few days.

Additional Tips

  • Get as much rest as possible.
  • Accept help from others, including your partner, friends and family members.
  • Lose weight by eating healthy, balanced meals that include fruits, vegetables and whole grains.
  • Drink lots of water to keep your body hydrated.
  • Don’t rush yourself to get back to what you were before.
  • Enjoy a walk on a daily basis.
  • As soon as your doctor gives the green light, start exercising.

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