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How to Treat and Backent Urinary Tract Infections in Cats

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7. Build Immunity

You can help build up your cat’s immunity to prevent recurrences of UTIs or other urinary or bladder infections.

Build immunity for urinary tract infection in cats

To build immunity, there are several supplements that you can add to your cat’s diet that improve the functioning of the immune system.


Some supplements that are beneficial include omega fatty acids and vitamins C, E, and V. Before adding any supplement to your cat’s diet, consult your vet.

8. Rest

Suffering from a UTI can take a toll on your cat’s energy level. So, it’s important to allow your cat to rest as much as possible.

Rest for urinary tract infection in cats


Proper rest will help build your cat’s immunity and accelerate the healing process.


Give your cat a comfortable place to sleep and rest throughout the day. At the same time, avoid having your cat exercise or running around.

Additional Tips

  • As stress is often a trigger for urinary tract issues in cats, ensure that your feline friend has a calm environment.
  • Keep the litter box clean to prevent your cat from holding urine for extended periods of time. Many cats won’t use a dirty litter box.
  • Clean your cat’s genital area to make sure there are no bacteria that can travel into the urinary tract and aggravate the symptoms. To clean the genital area, add some burdock root extract to water and use it to rinse the area. Consult your vet before using the extract.
  • Always keep your vet informed of how your cat is responding to treatment.

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  1. Thank YOU so VERY much for this info!!! I feed feral cats and and they won’t let me near them so at least I can try these remedies!! Again thank you!

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