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10 Tips to Keep Your Dog Healthy This Winter

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7. Block Off Heat Sources

Dogs often love to cuddle up or take a quick nap near a fireplace or other heat sources in the home. But you must block access to heat sources to reduce the risk of burns, as pets aren’t aware of how hot they can get.

Block off heat sources to keep your dog healthy in winter

Instead of space heaters, you can install baseboard radiator covers to prevent your furry friend from getting burned. If you have a fireplace, make sure your pet can’t get too close to it.


To keep the temperature of your house soothing for your pet, keep the humidifier on. Just like for you, it will help prevent your dog from suffering from dry skin. A humidifier is also very beneficial for dogs with respiratory problems. The added moisture on the air will help dogs with chronic coughs or bronchitis to breathe a bit easier.


8. Increase Intervals between Baths

Giving your dog daily baths can dry out the skin, which can cause a lot of discomfort. This is something you can easily avoid by lengthening the intervals between baths.

Infrequent baths to keep your dog healthy in winter

There is no need to give your pet a daily bath. Cut back on the frequency of baths, and ask your vet to prescribe a shampoo that’s more moisturizing than the average ones.


After bathing, dry your dog thoroughly, especially before allowing him outside.

You can always take your pet to a vet to learn what you can do to keep his coat clean and well-groomed during the winter.

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