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How to Help Your Dog Overcome Stress

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7. Promote Independence

To help your dog handle stress, you must discourage neediness. This can be done by gradually promoting independence.

promote independence to prevent stress in your dog

For instance, introduce new activities and toys and teach your dog to settle down and engage in activities without you. There is no need for your dog to hover around you. You canine friend should learn to keep himself engaged, even if there is no one around him.


If needed, install baby gates throughout the house, so you can move from room to room freely without your dog always being able to follow. This will train your dog to remain calm when you are not nearby and handle separation better.

8. Touch Therapy

Touch therapy is one of the best ways that you can use to help ease your dog’s stress. Touch is reassuring to dogs and raises their confidence level.


touch therapy to treat dog stress

Cuddle your furry friend and give him a nice massage to help soothe and calm him down. You can also massage your dog to help him feel relaxed.


Reward your dog with a treat and praise him when he responds positively to your efforts. But no matter what, don’t punish your dog if he doesn’t respond well. That will only worsen the situation and make him more stressed out.

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  1. I have a Toy Poodle 12 yrs old.. We love each other to death. But lately he has become really anxious and I’m trying to figure that out. A couple times I notice he will come in the living room then back in the bedroom (have a small apt) I be watching TV then he comes out real fast turns around real fast go back in bedroom back and forth. I watched him the other day he did it like 6 times till I said enuf is enuf What are you doing?? Sometimes he acts like he is so miserable and actually “Pouts” No reason for it. We always have doggie time…..Hes funny and at times I have to laugh. I have to say one more thing that really shocked me..The other day my friend was coming over usually when someone comes over he goes “Nuts” then he calms down and hes good. Well this time I put him in the bedroom until my friend had a chance to sit down before I let him out. Well he heard the knock and but what happened she didnt stay she had to leave. so I let my poochie out of the room HE WENT NUTS he could not find where the person was on knocked on the door. he was going to the bathroom the bedroom the living room turn around back to the kitchen around around he went..OMG. he was MAD ! I could not believe it!!! So the rest of the evening he laid under the coffee table and didn’t move till morning.. Not even want to come to me. I never seen a dog with additudes!!!

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