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How to Calm a Dog Suffering From Thunderstorm Phobia

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5. Invest in Anxiety Attire

There are several anxiety-reducing attires available in the market that can help in calming a dog.

invest in anxiety attire to calm your dog during a thunderstorm

These special attires are developed using the “swaddle” or “maintained pressure” concept. Anxious dogs may derive comfort from the sensation of being “swaddled” when they wear such kind of attire.


A study published in the Journal of Veterinary Behavior in 2013 analyzed the effectiveness of the anxiety wrap in the treatment of canine thunderstorm phobia and found that eighty percent of the owners reported that they would continue to use the Anxiety Wrap for their dogs’ thunderstorm phobia after the trial, and no owners reported any negative side effects from the use of this product .

6. Try Counter Conditioning Technique

During a thunderstorm, you can use counter conditioning technique to keep your furry friend calm and distracted from the loud noise outside.

try counter conditioning to calm a dog suffering from thunderstorm phobia

The technique counter conditioning involves changing your dog’s emotional reaction to a scary or unpleasant experience.


This means that the dog has learned to associate the sounds, sights, and sensations of a thunderstorm with something bad and now you need to change the concept and replace it something pleasant.


For example, you can give your pet to play with his favorite toy to divert his focus.

7. Give Some Exercise

You can make your dog do some exercise before a thunderstorm starts to keep him calm and relaxed during the storm.

exercise your dog to keep him calm during a thunderstorm

Take your pet for a quick walk in the garden or even try some swimming or hide-n-seek game. The concept here is to make your dog tired, both physically and mentally. A tired dog after eating their meal prefers to take a short nap or even sleep. This means when there will be thunderstorm; your furry friend will be busy enjoying his sleep.

Exercise also boosts natural serotonin levels, which then act as a natural calming aid.


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  1. All of the above i ve done except for s ound proof room my mitzy seems to know when sun is shining its going to be a thunder storm about 20 min later yes guess wh a t thunder storm but i m retired i sit with her rubbing her neck n b a ck hugging her and saying its ok its going to be alri g ht mitzy seems to be better about storms then she used to be love her dearly

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