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10 Useful Tips for Taking Care of Your Dog’s Paws

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9. Exercise at an Appropriate Pace

Exercise is important for your pet’s health, but you need to introduce exercise into your pet’s routine in a slow and steady manner.

Introduce exercise into your pet's routine slowly to take care of your dog's paws

Too much exercise in a matter of few days can be damaging to the paws. Also, if you dog has spent most of his time indoors, then do not take your pet outside in a park for a long exercise session. Your pet’s paws have not built up a tolerance to the rough surfaces and can become sensitive, chaffed or cracked.


It is recommended to start exercising outside by going on short walks and gradually lengthening the distance and varying the terrains.


10. Keep an Eye Out for Objects that Could Injure the Paws

To reduce the risk of injury to your pup’s paws, always be careful in public areas. In particular, if you are taking your pup for a walk outside, keep an eye out for sharp objects, such as broken glass or untreated wood.

Keep a lookout for sharp objects to take care of your dog's paws

In fact, you should do a quick scan of your own home and backyard to make sure there are no pieces of broken glass or sharp debris that could hurt your pet’s paws.


Remember that preventing injuries is always better than treating them.

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