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10 Useful Tips for Taking Care of Your Dog’s Paws

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7. Watch Out for Snow and Ice

Just like during the hot extremes of summer days, you also need to be cautious during extremely cold winter days, and especially when there is ice and snow outside.

Protect your pet's paws with booties to take care of your dog's paws

During the winter, the cold temperature can cause your pet’s paws to crack or dry out.


Also, bear in mind that lots of people use salt and other items to melt ice off of sidewalks. This could be toxic to dogs who like to lick their paws. So, when walking your dog in the winter, either wipe down or rinse his paws with warm water after coming home to wash away any chemicals they may have picked up.

Another option is to protect your pet’s paws with booties. Choose booties that your dog can tolerate and that stay on his or her feet well. Your dog may react strangely initially, but give it bit of time to allow your dog to adjust to the feeling of booties on his paws.


8. Watch for Chewing and Licking

If your dog starts licking or chewing at his paw pads, do not ignore it. This sudden change in habit may be a sign that there is some kind of irritant there.

Keep an eye out for chewing and licking to take care of your dog's paws


Check carefully for the irritant before your dog causes damage to his pads. Chewing and licking can also delay healing.

Sometimes, chewing and licking can indicate an allergic reaction or fungal infection, which may need a quick trip to the vet.

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