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10 Things You May be Doing Wrong with Your Dog

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9. Keeping a Tight Leash

Along with reading body language, dogs can also be experts at reading the tension levels of their masters, even through a leash.

Never keep a tight leash on a dog, as it raises the level of stress, frustration and excitement for your dog as well as for you. Do not allow your dog to pull you during walks. Your pet must know that you are the master and he needs to follow your commands.

keep a tight leash


Hence, it is important to teach a dog how to walk on a slack leash. This will help your dog know that everything is fine and there is nothing to be worried or tensed about.

When the leash is loose, dogs remain calm and get the signal that everything is under control. On the other hand, a tight leash sends a signal to your dog that you’re tense, nervous or on alert, hence the dog also starts behaving like that.

Plus, a dog that walks on a tight leash is more apt to bark or be reactive, even during the most mild social situations.


10. Forceful Interactions

Forcing your dog to interact with other dogs or people is not a good idea.


Just like humans, dogs have their own preference level. They may like some dogs or people more than others. In short, they have their own favorite friends as well as enemies.

avoid forceful interactions

If your dog does not prefer to be around a particular person or pet, do not force it.

Do not try to become an overly enthusiastic owner by pushing your furry friend into social situations at dog parks when your friend just wants to go home.

Dogs have the habit of showing clear signs of wanting to be left alone. Read the body language your dog gives you when he doesn’t want to be around certain other individuals.

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