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10 Reasons Why Dogs Make Us Happier and Healthier

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7. Reduces Allergy Risk

Getting your little one a furry friend can be beneficial. Growing up with pets, especially dogs, can make children less prone to allergies and they are less likely to have eczema. Plus, such children have higher levels of certain immune system supporters that keep them disease-free.

dogs reduce allergy risk

In addition, children develop fewer pet allergies if they grow up with a dog.

A 2008 study published in the European Respiratory Journal reports that dog ownership in early childhood protects against the development of inhalant sensitization and this effect cannot be attributed to the simultaneous exposure to house dust endotoxin.

Another study published in 2011 in the Journal of Pediatrics found that dog ownership among children with dog allergies may reduce the risk of developing eczema by age 4. On the other hand, cat ownership may increase the risk among children with cat allergies.

8. Senses Emotions

Whether you are happy or sad, your four-legged companion can sense it immediately, no matter how much you may want to hide your emotions.

Dogs are great watchers and in fact, better than humans. This particular quality of dogs allows them to evaluate the social intentions and motivations of humans. They can discriminate between positive and negative emotions from both humans and dogs.

dogs sense your emotions

A 2016 study published in the Royal Society’s Biology Letters reports that dogs can recognize emotions in humans with the help of different visual and auditory cues.

Dogs can form a mental picture of different emotions, such as sad, angry or happy states, in humans and other dogs by combining information from different senses.

Not only do dogs sense emotions, but they even help humans handle the emotions. For instance, if you are sad or crying, your pet will try hard to comfort you in all possible ways.

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