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10 Incredible Things Your Dog can Sense about You

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9. Fear and Stress

A dog can feel it immediately when their owner is afraid or stressed, even if they aren’t showing outward signs.

Dogs can smell the surge of hormones the body releases in response to stressful situations, including adrenalin and cortisol. Hence, your dog knows about your mental state in an instant.

dogs can sense your fear and stress


You furry friend may start showing signs of protectiveness toward you and most likely will spring into action and come to your rescue.

Dogs may also try to comfort their owners, which can help prevent panic attacks and other possible episodes associated with post-traumatic stress disorder or other issues.

10. Your Intentions

Dogs follow your gaze to get a read on what you are thinking, thus they can sense your intentions correctly most of the time.

dogs can sense your emotions


For instance, dogs may start looking for a place to hide before their bath time. This can happen even before you turn on the water or touch his towel. The same goes for haircuts and nail trims.


Similarly, dogs can sense that you are taking them to a vet. Dogs may stare worriedly out of the window of the car, pace back and forth or eye you suspiciously. Some dogs also develop a set of antilock brakes near a vet clinic that makes them nearly impossible to move.

Offering some reassuring words and gentle encouragement can help your dog submit to these unpleasant experiences.


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  1. Right now my 3 year old maltese is lying down across the room looking sad. HE must know I’m sad. I pretend to be really happy but he’s sensing I’m not. IT’S dark now. IF it weren’t we’d be walking very far. ?

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