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10 Incredible Things Your Dog can Sense about You

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7. Animosity between Humans

Your dog can sense when you do not like other people. Several chemicals are released in the body in response to thoughts of dislike, irritation, hatred, etc. and dogs can sense these chemicals.

Also, dogs pick up clues of your dislike from your body language, gestures and the way you are communicating with the other person.

dogs can sense animosity between humans


In fact, looking at you, your pet may even show signs of dislike for the other person. Your dog may start barking, growling or even lunge at that person if he or she tries to approach you.

Dogs have a tendency to feel extra protective over their masters if they perceive other people as a threat.

8. Generousness

Dogs can sense the generousness in a person.


Just like humans have a tendency to judge a person on the basis of their actions, dogs also pay attention to how you act toward others.


dogs can sense generousity

In a 2012 study by the University of Milan, researchers allowed dogs to observe humans in social situations. The dogs watched one set of actors sharing their food with a homeless man, while the group of dogs watched other actors behaving in an aggressive manner. Afterward, the two sets of actors were asked to call the dogs at the same time.

It was found that dogs responded positively to the generous actors when called and avoided the aggressive group.

Dogs are social animals and they expect reciprocity, kindness and fairness from their masters.

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  1. Right now my 3 year old maltese is lying down across the room looking sad. HE must know I’m sad. I pretend to be really happy but he’s sensing I’m not. IT’S dark now. IF it weren’t we’d be walking very far. ?

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