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10 Exercises that will Extend Your Dog’s Life

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Dogs need daily exercise, irrespective of their age and breed. A good exercise routine combined with a well-balanced, nutritious diet will keep your furry friend happy and healthy for years to come.

Lack of exercise can lead to your pet becoming obese, which increases the risk of several diseases from diabetes to arthritis.

Also, dogs that go without regular exercise may suffer from a variety of behavioral issues, including destructive behaviors like barking, digging or chewing.


To let your canine friend get out more and enjoy life, the best option is to give your dog plenty of exercise and activity. Don’t skip it using excuses like it’s too cold or hot outside, the days are getting shorter or you do not have time. Make it a priority, and you and your pet will both be happier for it.

best exercises for dogs

Here are 10 exercises that will help keep your dog healthy.

1. Walking

Taking your dog for a walk daily is a great way to jump-start a healthy lifestyle program.


Regular walking is one of the best exercises for your pet. It can help fight obesity and is beneficial to your pet’s digestive system, even aiding in relieving constipation.

walk your dog

Taking your dog on walks also helps your pet enjoy different smells and discover new places. You can take your dog for a walk around the block, to the dog park or to a regular park.

Adult dogs should walk at least 30 minutes a day. However, the actual amount of time can vary depending on breed, age and size.

For your pet’s safety, it is important to teach your dog to walk on a leash. You can carry some treats with you to give your dog regular, positive encouragement for good behavior while you’re walking.

2. Running

Bringing your dog with you for a run or jog is great exercise for your pet. Just remember to always run with your dog on a leash, unless you are in a designated off-leash park.

Running can help increase stamina and strengthen muscles. Also, it is good for fighting obesity.

running exercise for dogs

Avoid running or jogging many miles initially. You must gradually increase the intensity and duration of the run over a few weeks, then aim to remain consistent. Before and after running with your dog, always warm up and cool down with a five-minute walk.

Jogging or running is not recommended for young dogs whose bones haven’t fully developed. It can also be bad for elderly dogs.


3. Swimming

Swimming is a good exercise to improve your dog’s muscle strength and tone. It also promotes cardiovascular health and improves your dog’s metabolic rate.

dog activity swimming

This low-impact exercise is also easy on your dog’s joints.

For puppies and small dogs, you can put some water in the bathtub and you have an instant swimming pool!

For adult or bigger dogs, you can look for a nearby dog park that has a pool or a swimming center that caters to dogs.

4. Fetch

A simple game of fetch can also help your dog get a daily dose of exercise. This game keeps your dog engaged, active and helps release pent up energy.

play fetch with your dog

Use a toy that your dog likes and allow your dog to sniff and mouth the toy. Place the toy on the ground and encourage your dog to pick up the toy and bring it to you. Reward your dog every time your dog does it correctly.

Do not play this game with toys that have ribbon, string or parts that can be chewed off and ingested.

5. Hide-and-Seek

Hide-and-seek is a great workout for your dog. It can benefit both your furry friend’s brain and body. It also helps build a strong bond between you and your dog through play.

play hide and seek with your dog

Also, most dogs love this fun game and all your family members can partake.

All you need to do is put your pet in a ‘stay’ command while you run and hide. Then, call him and your pet will simply run around here and there to find you. Be sure to have a reward for him when he finds you.

6. Indoor Obstacle Course

When the weather is good, you can allow your dog to go in the backyard and play around with your kids. But during the winter months, when your canine friend cannot go outside and play, you can create an indoor obstacle course.

indoor obstacle course for dog

This is an excellent indoor activity for dogs that need mental and physical exercise.

To make an indoor obstacle course, you can use chairs or short tools as weave poles for your dog to navigate through. Even a bat set atop two buckets makes a great hurdle for your dog to jump over.

However, keep jump heights at or below the level of your dog’s elbows to avoid putting stress on the bones and joints.

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