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Cuoihoi Natural Aids for Quitting Smoking

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9. Acupuncture


Acupuncture also helps smokers quit. Acupuncturists utilize a unique technique where fine needles are inserted into a set of five acupuncture points on the ear to help curb withdrawal symptoms.

Acupuncture also instills a sense of calm when going through withdrawal symptoms and stops jitters, lessens irritability and restlessness. Plus, it helps in the detoxification process.


You may need frequent acupuncture sessions for the first week or two, reducing the number of sessions with time.

10. Ear Massage

ear massage to quit smoking

Ear massage is another way to cope with cravings. The ears are considered the key area of the body to help with smoking cessation. When you massage the ears, it stimulates acupuncture points, which in turn reduces the urge to smoke. Giving yourself an ear massage for about two minutes daily will help reduce cravings.


These natural remedies will help you quit smoking. But, always remember that a strong mental constitution is the most important thing that will help break your habit.


After you have successfully quit smoking, it is important to repair the damage it caused in your body through proper diet, exercise, meditation and adequate sleep.


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  1. l am a smoker.want quitting. yet very health conscious. hardly fell ill. practice yoga and believe in herbs. a fan of this site. happy to like n share b’coz your tips r safe and useful. thanks….

  2. I reside in Mumbai and I want to quit smoking. I am a Diabetic so please prescribe the proper herb to quit smoking. Please also inform me where I can buy these herbs or medicines.

  3. Take dry grapes with cloves(கிராம்பு) chew both this twice a day then smell of smoking will leads to vomitt you

  4. We’re people want to lead a healthy and fit life this site helps them achieve that goal. It’s imp to have good health through natural products as our health adapts to it faster and better with minimal or absolutely no side effects.

  5. I have been reading reports about how bad smoking is for you and environment with all the many chemicals and poisons. I would like to know why if all of this is proven fact based on honest lab results, is it still being allowed by government to continue without changing and forcing tobacco companies to conform or making it an illegal harmful drug? Government forces other companies to produce their products safety and quality control. Lobbyists and interest groups for tobacco companies are giving government and the Heart and Lung Associations big payoffs to shut up. I have not received any answers to these questions because these organizations do not want to respond and lose money. I chose to ignore their lies. I have been a smoker for 51 years. Clear lungs and would be better if the polluted air we live in would be better. I have seasonal allergies and smoking at this point is insane. I am reading all I can to do on my own in a natural healthy way. This article about detox your lungs is the solution. Thanks. We are on our own. Doctors and special interests groups only want your money.

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