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Cuoihoi Health Benefits of Foot Massage and Reflexology

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7. Alleviates Edema

Regular foot massage during pregnancy can help reduce the effects of edema, which is swelling in the feet and ankles due to fluid retention. This is very common during pregnancy, especially in the last trimester.

During pregnancy, do not do your own foot massage. It is recommended to get it done by a friend, partner or professional. In fact, it best to get it done by a qualified reflexologist.

relieve edema with foot massage


Gently massage your foot, starting from the tips of your fingers all the way to your ankles. Massage the front as well as back of your feet.

A retrograde massage with some warm massage oil is considered highly beneficial. It is done by rubbing from the toes proximally, or toward the knee.

This encourages the fluid accumulated in the feet to return toward the kidneys, where it can be flushed out of the body.

Along with daily foot massage, try to keep your feet elevated whenever possible, take plenty of rest, wear comfortable shoes, drink plenty of water and eat well.


8. Eases PMS and Menopause Symptoms

Many women suffer from symptoms like feelings of sadness, irritability, insomnia, bloating, fatigue, headaches and mood swings during premenstrual syndrome (PMS).

grandfather grandson point to ease PMS

These can be treated with daily foot massage. Even symptoms of menopause like hot flashes and depression can be effectively handled with regular foot massages.

To treat PMS and menopause symptoms, massage the Grandfather Grandson point. It is located on the inner foot, where the big toe meets the foot.

Massage this acupressure point with any warm massage oil and apply steady, firm pressure. Do it for a couple of minutes and then massage the entire feet as well as the legs.

Regular foot massage will surely show a decrease in hot flashes and improvement in sleep disturbances and mood changes.

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