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The Naked Truth about The General Motors (GM) Diet Plan

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Are you frustrated with your excess weight? Are you like millions who surf the internet for latest weight remedies? If the answer is yes, then you must have heard of the GM diet and its raving success! But wait — its good to have a hard look at the evidence and sift the facts from fiction before you commit yourself to it.

Background story of GM Diet

The story currently circulating on the internet regarding the origin of the GM diet is that the automobile giant General Motors (GM)— developed this diet in 1985 for its employees.

It was designed to help GM employees deal with weight gain resulting from the sedentary work environment and achieve weight loss. The diet plan is also said to focus on improving a person’s health, mental performance, and overall activity.


It is said that GM got help from the United States Food and Drug Administration as well as the U.S. Department of Agriculture in developing the diet. Since then, millions have successfully used the GM diet for swift and effective weight loss.

But the above story has been proved to be an urban myth. Evidence suggests that the GM company has nothing to do with this diet and the real origin of this diet is still an enigma.

Let’s take a look at what the diet is all about, its claims, advantages, disadvantages, and the scientific validity of the information available to us.

The GM diet is a 7 – day diet plan with a restriction of different food groups on different days during the diet period.


Benefits claimed by the GM Diet

benefits claimed by the gm diet

  • Quick weight loss — Shed up to 17 pounds (7.7 kg) in a week
  • Detoxification of body — Helps you eliminate the toxic waste from your body
  • Enhances digestion
  • Improves the ability of the body to burn fat

The proponents of this diet say that you can attain your desired weight goal in the long term by repeating this diet regularly after a gap of 5-7 days.

This diet is not recommended for diabetics, nursing mothers and those with hormone or heart-related disorders as eating select foods can wreak havoc with the blood sugar levels and cause an imbalance of nutrition.

Why the GM Diet may actually work?

  • Many of the foods included in the diet are low in calories, such as fruits and vegetables. This promotes weight loss by creating a calorie deficit – burning more calories than you consume.
  • The low-calorie foods are very satiating, so you’ll feel fuller by eating less, and will be able to stick to the diet longer.
  • Many of the foods are negative-calorie foods, which means they provide fewer calories than they take to digest.
  • Many of the foods (fruits and vegetables) in the diet are also high in water content and dietary fiber, making them low in energy. They displace fat-rich foods with a high energy density from the diet and thereby, decrease the total energy. This enhances fat loss from the body .
  • Each day of the GM diet permits you to eat different foods or food groups.
  • As it is a 7-day eating plan, you do not have to commit to a diet plan for months. Just 7 days is said to give results.

Dietary Rules for GM Diet

The GM diet is spread over seven days, with specific instructions for each day. Each day of the GM diet permits you to eat different foods or food groups.

dietary rules for the gm diet
You are advised to drink 8-12 glasses of water each day to stay hydrated while on the GM diet.

  • Exercises are optional while on this diet and you are strictly instructed not to exercise for the first three days as the body feels weak and stressed due to low-calorie food.
  • Beans are not permitted as part of the diet since they are claimed to be high in calories and thereby promote weight gain.
  • Coffee and green tea without sugar are permitted.
  • Milk can also be substituted with soy milk or almond milk.
  • Processed or packaged food items cannot be consumed.
  • Alcohol and sodas are a strict no during the week, even diet sodas are strictly forbidden.
  • Fruit juices are only to be had on Day 7.

Specific Guidelines Followed for Each Day of the GM Diet

Day 1: Eat Fresh Fruits

The aim of Day 1 of the GM diet is to cleanse the body’s digestive system and boost metabolism on an all-fruit diet.

eat fresh fruits on day 1 of the gm diet

  • Adherents need to eat fruits with high water content except for bananas. The fiber in the fruits is said to help clean your system and prepare your body for the upcoming weight loss.
  • Eating melons, especially watermelons, are recommended to aid you lose up to 3 pounds (1.3 kg) on the very first day.
  • Citrus fruits like oranges and grapefruit are highly recommended on the first day. However, you are advised not to eat them on an empty stomach.
  • Cucumbers can also be substituted for melons on the first day. There is no restriction on the number of fruits you can eat on Day 1.

Day 2: Eat Vegetables

The aim of Day 2 of the GM diet is to increase follower’s fiber intake. It claims to help your body regulate the sugar content from the all-fruit diet consumed on Day 1.

eat vegetables on day 2 of the gm diet

  • You are advised to eat only vegetables, either cooked or raw. Vegetables are claimed to help cleanse your stomach, intestines, and liver, and induce your body into a calorie-hungry mode for weight loss.
  • A suggested list of green vegetables is kale, lettuce, spinach, and others.
  • Many of these vegetables are eaten raw as salads sans high-calorie dressings. A light dressing of white vinegar, lemon juice and raw herbs for flavoring can be used. The vegetables if cooked should be done using a light and healthy oil like olive oil.
  • There is no limit on the number of vegetables you can consume.
  • Fruits, eggs, dairy products, lentils, and mushrooms are prohibited on Day 2 of the GM diet.

Day 3: Eat Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Both fruits and vegetables can be eaten on Day 3 of the GM diet.

eat fresh fruits and vegetables on day 3 of the gm diet

  •  A variety of fruits and vegetables are believed to provide a good amount of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients to keep your body strong and healthy.
  • There is really no limit on the amount vegetables and fruits you can consume.

Day 4: Bananas, Milk, and Special GM Soup

Day 4 of the GM diet narrows your food choices to three items: bananas, milk and a special vegetable soup that is also known as the GM ‘Wonder Soup’. It includes cabbage, celery, green peppers, onions, tomatoes, lemon, carrots, and red chilies.

have bananas, milk and special gm soup on day 4 of the gm diet

  • The combination of milk and bananas is said to give your body protein and energy to keep you full and energized throughout the day.
  • It is also claimed to help replenish sodium and potassium that was unavailable during the first three days.
  • Followers are suggested to consume 3 cups of skim milk, 5 to 6 medium-sized bananas and 2 bowls of the special GM soup on Day 4.

Day 5: Lean Meat and Tomatoes

You will find Day 5 of the GM diet to be more satisfying for your taste buds.

have lean meat and tomatoes on day 5 of the gm diet

  • You are allowed to have protein in the form of lean meats like lean red meat, chicken, or fish. You can have up to 1 pound of meat over the course of the day.
  • A good amount of protein, iron, fiber, and lycopene is suggested to help your body recover from any muscle weakness you may have due to the strict diet you’ve been following for the last four days. Water intake should be increased by two glasses to flush out the excess of uric acid build up due to the consumption of meat.
  • Vegetarians can have cottage cheese, tofu or brown rice instead of meat.
  • You are also allowed to eat up to 6 tomatoes on Day 5 and can be eaten along with your meat or made into tomato soup.

Day 6: Brown Rice, Lean Meat, and Cooked Vegetables

On the Day 6 of the GM diet, you can feast on brown rice, vegetables, lentils, mushrooms and any lean meat of your choice.

have brown rice, lean meat, and cooked vegetables on day 6 of the gm diet

The protein from the meat and the fiber from the vegetables is said to keep your body energized during the day.

Day 7: Brown Rice, Vegetables and Fruit Juices

On Day 7, the last day of the GM diet, you are supposed to eat brown rice with cooked vegetables and fresh fruit juices.

have brown rice, vegetables, and fruit juices on day 7 of the gm diet

Potatoes, sweet potatoes, bananas, mangoes, pears, beans, lentils, and mushrooms are to be avoided on Day 7. All dairy and meat products are also a strict no on the last day of the diet.

Professed changes After Finishing the 7-Day GM Diet:

  • You will be slimmer by several pounds.
  • You will be able to enjoy better sleep (more tired at night and more refreshed when you wake up).
  • Your digestive system will work better.
  • You will have glowing skin.
  • You will become much more active than before.

After the week-long dieting, you are recommended to move to a high protein and low-carb diet so that you can maintain the weight loss.

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