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Top Risk Factors and How to Reduce Your Risk of Pancreatic Cancer

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3. Do Physical Exercise Daily

Regular physical exercise is good for your overall health, and it may even cut your pancreatic cancer risk by helping you control your weight. Any kind of physical activity, including 30 minutes of walking daily, is good for your health.

4. Choose a Healthy Diet

A diet full of fresh fruits, green vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds may help reduce your risk of cancer. Also, foods containing folate are protective against pancreatic cancer.

Avoid high-calorie and high-fat foods as well as red and processed meat.

5. Drink in Moderation

It’s important to drink in moderation as excessive alcohol consumption contributes to tissue damage, leading to several types of cancer.

Aim to drink no more than two drinks a day if you are a man and one drink a day if you are a woman. One drink equals 12 ounces of beer, 5 ounces of table wine or 1½ ounces of 80-proof hard liquor.

6. Regular Health Checkups

It is important to follow any instructions given by your doctor and opt for regular health checkups, especially after age 50.

Although regular health checkups do not necessarily prevent cancer, they definitely enable early detection, when it is much easier to treat.

7. Avoid Exposure to Chemicals

You must also try to avoid exposure to harmful pesticides and other chemicals in order to reduce your risk for pancreatic cancer. Even avoid going to highly polluted and industrialized areas whenever possible.


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