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Things You Should Never Drink After a Workout

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5. Coffee

After a workout, many of us look forward to drinking a cup of coffee. But as your heart is pumping already from your workout, it’s not good to drink coffee or anything that has caffeine in it.

Never drink coffee after a workout

Drinking coffee after exercising can lead to side effects like the jitters, heart palpitations, and even sleep disorders.


Moreover, coffee has a dehydrating effect on the body.

6. Best Post-Workout Hydrating Drinks

Water is the best option for proper post-workout hydration, which is important for proper recovery and maintaining endurance. When it comes to water, it should be room temperature, not cold! Cold water can have a negative impact on your warm intestines and can interfere with enzymes, causing digestive issues.

Best post-workout hydrating drinks

But plain water can be boring. So, you can try some healthy options like:

  • Flavored water, which you can easily make at home. All you need to do is cut water-rich fruits and vegetables and put them in a jug. Fill it with drinking water and set it aside for several hours. You can carry this water along with you to enjoy the flavorful water.
  • A glass of homemade chocolate milk has double the carbohydrates compared to plain milk, which makes it a great choice for your post-workout recovery.
  • Natural coconut water contains high levels of electrolytes, such as potassium and magnesium. This is great for rehydrating your body and replenishing electrolytes after a workout.
  • Any kind of tart juice like cherry juice also makes a great drink to have after your workout session. Being rich in antioxidants, such types of juice aid in reducing inflammation and benefits muscle recovery and functioning.
  • If you are a tea lover, enjoy a cup of green or black tea. The compounds in green and black tea can be effective in the fat oxidation process during aerobic exercise and the post-workout recovery.

Some other things that you should remember to follow after a workout:

  • Once you finished your workout, lie down for some time to help your body cool down and make your blood pressure return to normal.
  • It is also important to stretch for a few minutes after a workout, to prevent your muscles from contracting and help reduce muscle soreness and stiffness.
  • After a long workout, you must eat a healthy snack. A protein-based snack is ideal, as it will provide your body the energy to repair and refuel itself.
  • Do not rub your eyes or touch your face after a workout with your dirty hands, as it can spread bacteria.
  • Always take a shower after completing your workout session.
  • Keep track of your workouts to monitor your progress. This will keep you motivated.
  • While your workout clothes are comfortable, it is best to change them immediately. Wearing sweaty clothes for a long time can lead to yeast infections or body acne.
  • It is very important to get a good night’s rest after an intense workout to help your body heal and repair.
  • Just because you worked out doesn’t mean you can just sit around the rest of the day. You must remain active throughout the day.

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