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How to Do Deep Breathing and Its Advantages

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8. Backents Motion Sickness

ease motion sickness

Many people tend to get motion sickness on a moving boat, train, airplane, car or amusement park ride. You can stop motion sickness using deep breathing.

Slow, deep breathing prevents the symptoms of motion sickness, according to a 1999 study published in the Aviation Space and Environmental Medicine journal.


This non-pharmacological procedure increases parasympathetic nervous system activity that helps reduce symptoms of motion sickness. On the other hand, rapid and shallow breathing often makes symptoms worse.

To ease motion sickness, close your eyes and practice controlled, slow, deep breathing.

9. Improves Digestion

digestion improve

If you are suffering from poor digestion, bloating or constipation, you can try short sessions of belly breathing to get rid of the discomforts.


Slow, deep breaths increase blood flow to the digestive tract. This encourages intestinal action so that proper digestion takes place. It also has a calming effect on the nervous system, which also enhances optimal digestion.

In addition, when you breathe into your lower abdomen, it encourages regular bowel movements. People can experience this benefit right away and be free from constipation.

10. Makes You Energetic

boosts energy levels


Deeper inhales and exhales may be the easiest route to boost your energy level. Taking deeper breaths improves the oxygen and blood circulation in your body.

This improves your energy level and stamina. On the other hand, incorrect breathing reduces your productivity levels as it makes you slow and sluggish.

The higher oxygen content of the blood after deep breathing also helps you sleep better and reduce stress. These factors have a direct impact on your energy and productivity. It can even provide more energy to your body to heal and detoxify as well as boost your immune system.

Start your day with a 10-minute session of deep breathing to keep yourself energetic throughout the day.

Additional Tips for Deep Breathing

  • When doing this simple breathing exercise, your abdomen should rise and fall noticeably during the whole process.
  • You can even use white noise, relaxing music or the sound of rain to help you relax for deep breathing exercises.
  • Post sticky notes around your home or office as reminders to make deep breathing a part of your daily life.
  • You can do this exercise while driving to the office or any other place. Also, it’s great to do while you are on the computer, walking or watching television.


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  1. if over done, Rhythmic breathing can cause pleurisy and in some cases , insanity. Never over do it.
    Set a timer for 5 minutes the first time. Slowly increase the time as days pass on.

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