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Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Diabetics

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5. Scrambled Eggs and Toast

Eggs are a versatile food and make an excellent choice for people with diabetes. In fact, the popular breakfast of scrambled eggs and toast is one of the best ways to start the day if you cook them right.

scrambled egg and toast for diabetics

The protein, vitamin D and fat in eggs help sustain your energy level and keep you satisfied until lunchtime.


You can quickly scramble 1 or 2 eggs in a nonstick pan with a little olive oil. Enjoy your scrambled eggs with a slice of whole-wheat toast.

You can also eat 1 or 2 hard-boiled eggs with whole-grain toast.

6. Spinach and Tomato Omelet

You can also make an omelet with just the egg whites and lots of spinach and tomatoes for a satisfying and filling breakfast.

spinach and tomato omlet for diabetics


This will give you a healthy protein-rich treat that also offers an antioxidant boost. The protein in egg whites will help keep you full without affecting your blood sugar. It also slows glucose absorption, which is very helpful if you have diabetes.

  1. Cook a handful of spinach and tomatoes in a nonstick pan with 1 tablespoon of olive oil.
  2. Add the whites of 2 eggs and 1 tablespoon of skim milk.
  3. Finally, add some fresh herbs like basil and parsley or some of your favorite spices.

7. Whole-Wheat Sandwich

Bread is a staple breakfast item, but you must choose your bread wisely if you are diabetic. White bread is made with highly processed white flour and added sugar, thus it can be bad for your blood sugar level.

whole wheat sandwich for diabetics

This does not mean that you cannot eat bread. Choose whole-wheat bread for a better nutrient-rich option. The fiber in whole-wheat bread slows digestion, which in turn slows the release of sugars into the bloodstream.

Whole-wheat toast spread with peanut butter and topped with thin apple slices makes a great breakfast sandwich.

Depending on your preference, you can also use some cucumber, lettuce, tomato, spinach or cottage cheese in your sandwich.

8. Almonds and Fruits

When you are in a hurry and do not even have the time to make an omelet or sandwich, almonds and fruits make a great breakfast.


Eating almonds improves glycemic control and lipid profiles in people who have Type 2 diabetes. A 2011 study published in Metabolism reports that consumption of 2 ounces of almonds was associated with lower levels of fasting insulin and fasting glucose.

almonds and fruits for diabetics

Pairing almonds with a fruit that has a low glycemic index will provide the power of antioxidants and other vital nutrients. Some of the low-glycemic fruits that you can enjoy for breakfast include berries, peaches, apples or oranges.

So, next time you are in a hurry, grab a handful of unsalted almonds and a fruit of your choice and eat them on the run. Or, if you have time, then just mix chopped almonds and fruits like kiwi, pomegranate, apples, and strawberries with 2 tablespoons of cottage cheese. You can also sprinkle fresh herbs to improve the flavor.

Additional Tips

  • It’s important to measure your blood glucose both before eating and two hours afterward to learn the effects of any food or meal.
  • Always cook with less fat by using nonstick pans and a healthy cooking oil like olive oil.
  • Avoid sugar-laden coffee in the morning to ensure that you’re eating a healthy breakfast.
  • Watch your portion sizes.
  • Keep your kitchen stocked with healthy and diabetes-friendly breakfast foods.


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