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Gelatin Exposed: The Truth Every Vegetarian and Vegan Needs to Know

Gelatin has become a staple in many of our diets, but do you what it really is? According to , gelatin is protein obtained by boiling skin, tendons, ligaments, and/or bones with water. In essence, it’s made primarily from the stuff meat industries have left over —pork skins, horns, and cattle bones! Technically not even a food source, it’s used as a thickening agent in a number of products and gives food a soft, squishy consistency. I know it’s gross and I hate to rain down on your gummy bear parade, but you and your kids really shouldn’t be eating this stuff. I don’t even know why it’s legally permissible to be considered a “food” product.


Big Problems for Vegetarians and Vegans

Gelatin is not vegetarian and is certainly not vegan. Sadly, millions of vegetarians and vegans could actually be using animal commodities unknowingly as the list of products that contain gelatin seems to grow everyday. Be certain to only buy certified vegan, animal-safe body products and make sure to read your food labels!



Gelatin is in What!

It’s tricky to find out which foods have certain products in them and gelatin is no exception. This life-saving list of products containing gelatin is adapted from and .


Foods Containing Gelatin:

  • •Marsh mellows
  • Pop-tarts w/ frosting
  • Mini Wheats
  • Other frosted cereal
  • Jell-O
  • Skittles, Star-bursts Jr, mints, Trident gum, M&M’s, Snicker bars
  • •Peeps
  • •Gummy worms/bears
  • •Yogurts
  • •Frozen vegetables (in a bag)
  • •Icing/frosting
  • •Cream cheese
  • Sour cream
  • •Coffee, milk substitutes
  • •Lozenges
  • Hostess cupcakes- Hostess brand

Gelatin is also used in fat reduced foods to simulate the feel of fat and to create volume without adding calories.



Non-Food Items Containing Gelatin:

  • Shells of pharmaceutical capsules.
  • Thickening agent in many pharmaceuticals
  • Implantable medical devices, such as in some bone void fillers.
  • Various ointments.


Vegetarian and Vegan-Friendly Alternatives

Vegetarians and Vegans don’t fret! There are some fantastic vegetable-based alternatives to replace gelatin so you don’t have to give up every tasty treat out there. Alternatives to gelatin include non-animal gel sources such as agar-agar, carrageenan, pectin, konjak, and guar gum.


Cooking With Agar

For those of you who make most of your food try using agar – it is made from seaweed and comes in powder or flake form available at any good health food store. Like gelatin, agar is full of protein and contains the rich array of minerals one would expect from seaweed.


To use agar substitute one tablespoon powdered gelatin for every tablespoon of powdered agar. When consider the following:

  • Soak agar your liquid recipe for about 15 minutes then bring it to a boil. Afterwards, place the heat on simmer and stir until the mixture is completely dissolved.  The agar-liquid mixture gels as it cools.
  • Acidic foods weaken agar’s gelling power, so if you’re firming an acidic liquid use more agar.
  • The enzymes of certain fruits will break down agar. So, like your typical gelatin recipes, you may want to use canned fruits instead because they are pre-cooked.

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49 thoughts on “Gelatin Exposed: The Truth Every Vegetarian and Vegan Needs to Know”

  1. My older sister is vegan and I have became a vegetarian and my mother thinks I’m only doing this for her but I’m not only doing it for her I’m doing it for myself and all the animals because non vegans/vegetarians pretty much are the apocalypse and it’s not only the animals some eat that are being effected every day the rainforest is being cut down so we can put cattle farms there so it also effects those rain forest animals. So those who might say they’re an animal lover they are terrible to animals unless they change the way they eat.im even thinking about cutting out butter from my diet then after that maybe eggs and so on because I care and I am not giving up just because I like some kind of “food” because I like animals more then that “food”.

  2. human beings were never designed to eat meat..period.. our teeth..our intestines exc are made for plant based food.. we do not have fangs..claws exc..and our bodys do not proccess meat stuff well.. eating animals causes so much health problems.. the industry is just that.. an industry.. the way cows are milked is barbaric..the way meat is raised and injected with all kinds of stuff is very scary..yet the public are blind to this.. and this gellitin is a by product.. we as a race of inteligent beings can do better than this..

  3. Some of these are wrong. It’s not in m&m’s, snickers, cream cheese (which sill isn’t vegan anyway), or trident gum. Most of these actually contain the substitutes mentioned.

  4. I really love Skittles.
    Mostly the sour ones.
    On the package it says Gelatin-Free.
    Other Skittles too.
    Maybe not all Skittles are gelatin-free.
    But a good majority of them don’t contain gelatin.

  5. Bones and tendons in food…um, broth? Possibly one of the healthiest things non vegans and vegetarians can ever eat! Ever wonder why chicken soup is a remedy for feeling sick? Whole chicken carcass boiled for a long time makes chicken broth. Bone broth is incredibly good for you! Heck, the gelatin in all of that junk food may be the only part with any nutrients! Haha. Your body uses the collagen for your skin and hair/nails, as well as parts of your digestive system. If you’re not vegan/vegetarian, don’t be afraid of bone/tendons! Skin is high in fats. Store bought gelatin probably only has the collagen that’s good for you, but that’s still good.

  6. As a vegan what makes us different from all the animal eaters is that we have a conscience and we are fully aware of the atrocities exploitation suffering torture enslavement and ultimately murder and slaughter of innocent sentiment beings

  7. It’s a personal choice to be a vegetarian or vegan. Being one myself I have learnt to live with meat eaters and not judge….BUT in saying that there is absolutely no need to write you like eating “cow brains” etc have some respect for your fellow man.
    This is a huge eye opener and I will no longer be eating anything with gelatine in it.

  8. Im sorry, but it is IMPOSSIBLE for vegetables to have gelatin. Also, skittles are no longer being made with Gelatin. Do you people even know what gelatin is??????!!!!!

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