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Four Herbs that Act as Natural Birth Control

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Both women and men wish to have control over when to become parents. Making choices about birth control methods isn’t easy.

There are many types of birth control methods, also referred to as contraception and fertility control, to prevent pregnancy.

Some common options are abstinence, natural family planning or the rhythm method, barrier methods like female or male condoms, hormonal methods like oral contraceptives, implantable devices and emergency contraception, such as the ‘morning after pill’. Those who do not want to have children may opt for a permanent sterilization solution.


There is no best method of birth control. Each has pros and cons and even the most effective birth control methods can fail, with the exception of abstinence.

Some herbal solutions also can be used for birth control. Certain herbs have the ability to interfere with implantation, which means the herbs make it difficult for a fertilized egg to implant or maintain its grip on the uterine wall. If the egg is unable to implant on the uterine wall, it begins to break down and menstruation will occur as usual.
natural birth control herbs

There are four herbs that are quite effective natural birth control methods.

1. Queen Anne’s Lace

wild carrot


Another herb that is used as a natural birth control is Queen Anne’s Lace, also known as wild carrot. Mainly the seeds collected from the flower head of this herb work as a contraceptive. The seeds block progesterone synthesis, disrupting implantation, and are most effective as emergency contraception.

Several studies on wild carrot seeds as effective birth control have been encouraging. The extracts of the seeds disrupt the implantation process, and a fertilized egg will find implantation very difficult.

Some people may experience mild side effects like constipation for a few days when using Queen Anne’s Lace. Plus, it may not be suitable for those with a history of kidney or gallstones.

  • Take one teaspoon of wild carrot seeds within eight hours of being exposed to sperm and continue once daily for another seven days. Chew the seeds for maximum effectiveness.
  • Queen Anne’s Lace can also be used in tincture or tea form.

Note: Do not use Queen Anne’s Lace if you are breast feeding. Do not confuse this herb with similar-looking deadly plants like poison hemlock and water hemlock.

2. Blue Cohosh

blue cohosh root

The root of the blue cohosh plant is used as an effective natural birth control. Blue cohosh contains two uterine-contracting substances, one that mimics the hormone oxytocin, and the other a saponin called Caulosaponin. In case you are not using any protective measures, drink some tea made from blue cohosh soon after.

  1. Add one teaspoon of blue cohosh to one quart of boiling water.
  2. Steep for five minutes.
  3. Sip this tea slowly, no more than three times per day (or no more than 300 to 400 mg daily) until your menstrual period starts.

Note: Blue cohosh has some side effects, so it is best to use this herb under the guidance of an herbalist.

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  1. Love it..tnx for the healthier views instead of taking medicines ..there are these facts that can help more..if i were to rate i gave u 5 stars

  2. 1. Neem oil keeps the fever away.
    2. Neem oil in bath water, helps in skin decease.
    3. Burning neem leave keeps mosquitoes away.

  3. 1. Neem oil keeps the fever away.
    2. Neem oil in bath water, helps in skin decease.
    3. Burning neem leave keeps mosquitoes away.
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  4. all of this wonderful information, highlights the effort to keep the truth from the masses.
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    Time for public scrutiny on all of this.
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