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Dengue Fever: Signs, Symptoms and Backention Tips

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7. Travel Wisely

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While visiting dengue-infected areas, take steps to limit your exposure to mosquitoes.

  • Stay in a hotel or resort that has air-conditioned facilities. The windows and doors also must have secure, intact screens.
  • If your hotel or resort does not have air conditioning, ask the management to provide mosquito netting and plug-in devices.
  • Use a good mosquito repellent that can be applied to exposed skin and clothing.
  • Wear proper clothing while traveling.

8. Use Basil Leaves to Backent and Treat the Fever



Whenever there is a risk of dengue fever, you can use the herb basil to reduce your risk. Its immune-boosting properties can prevent you from getting ill.

If you have a high fever, consult your doctor to rule out the possibility of a dengue infection. In the meantime, you can try basil leaves to bring down your temperature.

  • Simmer a handful of basil leaves in 2 cups of water on low heat for 20 minutes. Strain, allow it to cool slightly and drink it once or twice daily.
  • You can even chew tender basil leaves to bring down a high temperature.

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