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Best Yoga Exercises to Help You Sleep Better

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6. Supine or Lying Down Spinal Twist (Supta Matsyendrasana)

This yoga posture helps you sleep soundly at night by improving your circulation, releasing abdominal gas and easing tension in your spine and neck.

lying down spinal twist for sleep

This reclining twisted pose can easily be performed in bed before going to sleep. It relieves tension throughout the whole spine and also improves digestion.

  1. Lie down on your back and stretch out your arms in line with your shoulders.
  2. Bend your knees, keeping your feet flat on the floor.
  3. Bring your heels closer to your hips and take a deep breath.
  4. Exhale and slowly lower your knees tothe left side, until your left knee touches the floor.
  5. Turn your head to the right.
  6. Maintain the position for about 1 minute, then return to the starting position.
  7. Repeat the steps with the opposite side.
  8. Perform the whole cycle 4 to 6 times on each side.

You can rest your knees on a yoga block on either side, instead of pressing them to the floor.

Caution: This pose is not suitable for people who have back pain or degenerative disk disease, as twisting can make back pain much worse.

7. Corpse Pose (Savasana)

This pose should ideally be performed at the end of your before-bed yoga session. In fact, no yoga session is complete without this pose.

corpse pose for sleep


It is an extremely easy position that helps relax the entire body. As you take deep breaths, it clears your mind of all tension and worry. You learn to simply let go, and as a result, you are rewarded with a good night’s sleep and a calm and free mind.

Doing this pose on a regular basis lowers your blood pressure and heart rate as well.

  1. Lie down on your back on a semihard surface. (You can use a neck pillow if you must.)
  2. Place your legs at a comfortable distance apart and keep your toes pointed sideways.
  3. Keepy our arms at your sides, at a slight distance from your body.
  4. Close your eyes and direct your thoughts inward, focusing on each and every area of your body starting from your right foot and so on.
  5. Inhale deeply and slowly exhale, relaxing your body as you do so.
  6. Let go of your body completely and just focus on breathing for 10 to 15 minutes.
  7. Slowly return to your senses and open your eyes. Go straight to bed for a good night’s sleep.


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