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10 Warning Signs of Poor Blood Circulation

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9. Skin Discoloring or Cyanosis

skin discoloring

If your skin or lips turn blue, it clearly indicates low blood oxygen levels or poor circulation. This problem is also known as cyanosis.

A low oxygen level in your blood causes the color to change from bright red to darker. This makes the skin around the eyes, gums and lips look blue. Even your fingers and toes will have a slightly bruised look.


Sudden discoloration of the skin in babies can also be the first sign of congenital heart disease, so it’s important to seek medical advice immediately.

10. Tightness or Heaviness in the Chest

chest tightness

Your heart is responsible for pumping blood around your body, but to function properly the heart also needs adequate blood flow. Low circulation in the arteries to your heart causes tightness and heaviness in the chest.


The heavy feeling will come and go randomly. Medically, this problem is known as angina pectoris, or simply angina. Chest pain may also be a sign of atherosclerosis in these arteries.


However, chest pain can also be a symptom of a muscle spasm, heartburn, acidity, an upper respiratory infection, a stomach ulcer, and indigestion.

If you have chest pain, consult your doctor right away to prevent a potentially life-threatening medical problem.

Tips to Improve Circulation

  • Make physical exercise a part of your daily routine.
  • Stress can also affect circulation, so take necessary steps to handle stress.
  • Add a few drops of rosemary essential oil to ½ cup of warm olive oil and use it to massage your body, especially the extremities.
  • Try constrast hydrotherapy (alternate hot and cold treatment) to promote proper circulation.
  • Poor posture can contribute to poor circulation. Be sure to keep your spine straight while sitting or walking.
  • Avoid coffee and switch to green tea for general well-being.
  • Don’t overdo your alcohol consumption.
  • Quit smoking and avoid exposure to secondhand smoke.
  • Add nuts, seeds, cayenne pepper or black pepper, garlic, onion and ginger in your diet to stimulate your circulatory system.
  • Always invest in a good pair of shoes that do not hamper proper circulation in your legs.

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  1. Very informative,especially if one has these symptoms and was not aware.These points will request the reader to visit a doctor.

  2. Compression stockings to treat varicose veins are contraindicated in those with significant arterial disease.

  3. Taking a suppliment that helps increase the body’s production of nitric oxide which helps with blood circulation and flow while protecting against high blood pressure, cholesterol, increases energy, sexual function, and immune system. . is key. . The body already produces nitric oxide but over time with age and imbalances it’s decreased. . So msg to get yours

  4. Those of us on dialysis experience these symptoms often brows are limited to fluid intake of 32-40 ounces per 24 hours! ☹️

  5. Been getting numbness in feet am taking vitamins etc when moving around it’s better but in the morning feet are tight and feel tender underneath so is it best to excercise when getting up???

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