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10 Warning Signs that Your Body is Full of Parasites

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7. Teeth Grinding


If you grind your teeth in your sleep, one possible cause is a parasite infestation. Teeth grinding, also known as bruxism, may occur while sleeping due to anxiety and restlessness caused by waste and toxins released by the parasites in the body.

A 2010 study published in Dental Research Journal confirmed the correlation between intestinal parasitic infections and bruxism among small children.


As pathogenic parasites serve as the cause of bruxism among children, if you notice any such symptoms in your children, get their stool examined.

8. Iron-Deficiency Anemia

blood cells


Infestations by intestinal roundworms or pinworms can lead to iron deficiency in the body and ultimately cause anemia.

The parasites steal the good vitamins, including iron, from the food the person eats, leading to an iron deficiency.


A 2003 study published in Indian Pediatrics found a prevalence of intestinal parasitism up to 30 to 50 percent and anemia from 40 to 73 percent among school-going girls (2 to 4 years of age) at Gulbarga, Karnataka.

The study notes that the problem is likely to be more common because of bad hygiene, poor awareness, illiteracy, poverty and a variety of allied factors.

Another 2008 study published in the Nigerian Journal of Clinical Practice reports worm infestation and anemia among preschool children of peasant farmers in Calabar, Nigeria.

Severe anemia ultimately affects a child’s growth and development. In fact, slow growth and weight loss are common in children infested with parasites. If you notice signs of slow growth in your child, consult your doctor.

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  1. Great post keep it up.. .some time back my stomach got upset n I purged for 3 to 4 days. After that my health was much better than what it was before. Lots of parasites I suppose. .

  2. hi,i am a big fen of ur article. i have a big problem since 2 to 3 years.it is viginal itching nd dryness plz help me .nd tell me its reasion nd cure .plz reply.

    1. without examining, its hard to say about your problem. Use appropriate lubricant while doing sex. if u are still virgin then make a suitable bf and enjoy with him. This will help u immensely.
      loll, visit to a nearby gynecologist

  3. For your viginal. Itching;its a big sign of old destructive infections. Go do a proper urine culture test. Get treated properly. Not by quacks. Your reproductive health is a risk

    1. If you have taken antibiotics in the past ..check out canadi. ….u may have too much yeast in your system…just a suggestion ?

  4. Thanks for sharing, I’m going to try the pumpkin seeds, And I’ll. Let u know if it makes a difference with me!!!

    1. Early morning bm makes me read this article and the natural home remedies topic for intestinal parasite. I saw a dead culprit in the toilet after I bm maybe because yesterday i was making and tasting my toum (garlic sauce) and on the other day i feasted on coconut and unripe papaya. Later, I will try the rest of home remedies. I don’t want a health culprit in my body.
      Thanks for these types of information Top10!

  5. Very informative. Thank you. It was very easy to
    Comprehend and read. Didn’t say how to get rid
    Of them though Unless in my haste of reading Lol I read right pass them.

  6. Itching at night and after taking Meds. and drinking Soda. I’am turning 50 and I have low blood and going through menopause. Way l’am I itching all over no bugs or rashes. What could it be do you have any remedies.

  7. Diatomaceous earth ( food grade ) in water drank a couple times should take care of these issues. Repeated as necessary.

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