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10 Things You Should Throw Away to Stay Healthy

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9. Worn-Out Running Shoes

Running on a daily basis is good for your health, but running on worn-out shoes is simply bad for your feet.

Most running shoes should be replaced every 300 to 400 miles. This means, if you run 30 miles a week, you must replace your shoes about every three months.

discard old running shoes


According to the American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine, midsoles lose their shock-absorbing capabilities with prolonged use. This means more force is transmitted with every step to your muscles, bones and tendons, which in turn increases the risk for injuries. Running in such shoes also causes sore knees, achy feet early in the morning, back pain and tight quads.

Even if you do not run, replace your shoes about every six months, or as soon as you notice that the tread is looking worn out. A good indication that you need to replace your shoes is if you feel they are not as comfortable and supportive as when they were new.

10. Stretched-Out Bras

For all women, it is important to go bra shopping every six months. In fact, you must replace a bra whenever it no longer lends comfort and support. Wearing stretched-out bras for months is bad for your health.

do not wear stretched out bras


The elastic in bras gets stretched out over time, making it less supportive for your breasts. This can lead to sagging breasts as well as neck and back pain. The problem can get severe if you exercise in stretched-out bras.

To extend the life of your bras, avoid washing them in a washing machine. Also, never put them in the dryer, as it can disintegrate the fabric, stretch out the shape and ruin the underwire. Always wash your bras by hand in cool water and dry them in a shady place.

Additional Tips

  • It is even important to discard clothes you don’t wear anymore. You can donate such clothes to needy ones.
  • Throw away leftover food kept in plastic containers in the refrigerator after a couple of days.
  • Discard that stash of diet soda sitting in your refrigerator. It does no good to your health and in fact increases your risk of developing metabolic syndrome. It also causes you to gain weight.
  • Instead of spending money on commercial cleaning products, make your own natural cleaning products using basic ingredients like baking soda, borax, soap powder, vinegar, lemon and hot water.
  • If you have an air purifier at home, don’t forget to replace the filter every so often. A dirty filter will blow contaminants back into your air.
  • Dispose of unwanted or expired medicines. Ask a pharmacist how to dispose of medication properly.
  • Throw away spices that have been hanging out in your cabinets for years, as spices lose flavor with time.


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  1. Pillows are tossed every 6 mo or so. Kitchen sponges can be cleaned with white vinegar or mild bleach and water. Most plastic containers now have bpa, so ditch old ones or use them for crafts or other storage.

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