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10 Simple Habits that Boost Your Immunity

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The immune system – an interactive network of organs, cells and proteins – is the body’s main defense against viruses, bacteria or any other foreign substances.

When the immune system works properly, you remain healthy and there is less chance of becoming ill. It’s when the performance of the immune system is compromised that you become vulnerable to infection and other health problems.

For better immunity, eating healthy and getting proper rest and sleep are essential. However, apart from a good diet and sound sleep, there are many small things that can help strengthen your immunity.


simple habits that boost your immunity

Here are the top 10 simple habits that boost your immunity.

1. Maintain Body Hygiene

The first simple habit that helps maintain a healthy immune system is practicing good personal hygiene. Good hygiene will help keep germs at bay and stop an infection before it begins. At the same time, you’ll avoid spreading germs to others.

maintain hygiene to improve immunity

  • Wash your hands frequently—especially after touching anyone or anything that may have germs.
  • Drying your hands thoroughly is just as important as washing them, because germs thrive more easily on wet surfaces.
  • Use an herbal hand sanitizer when washing your hands is not possible.
  • Take a bath or shower in lukewarm water daily.
  • Always wash your wet towels in warm water and replace damp towels with dry ones often.
  • Brush your teeth twice daily and floss once. Replace your toothbrush every three months.
  • Use a mouthwash to kill the germs inside your mouth.
  • Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when you sneeze.
  • When coughing, cover your mouth with your elbow rather than your hand to prevent spreading germs to others.
  • Do not pick at healing wounds, as doing so allows germs to enter.

2. Drink Plenty of Water

No matter how healthy you are eating, it won’t help your body much if you are not also drinking ample water.

One of the benefits of drinking water is that adequate hydration has a positive effect on your immune system. Water helps flush toxins out of the body and ensures that your cells and organs get all of the oxygen they need to function properly.

drink plenty of water to improve immunity

Another big benefit of drinking enough water is that it keeps your digestive system strong, so that you can properly digest your food. Adequate nutrition is essential to maintain a strong immune system.

When it comes to water, try to drink clean and filtered water. Especially when travelling, be aware that all countries do not follow stringent standards of water safety, and hence you may increase your risk of water-borne diseases if drinking from the tap.

While travelling, only drink bottled drinks and do not consume ice or anything in raw form.

3. Laugh Out Loud

While emotions like anger and grief can impair health, laughter does the opposite.

Laughter can give a boost to your immunity, which in turn will provide your body better resistance to disease and illness.


laugh out loud to improve immunity

A hearty laugh can increase the number of anti-infection antibodies as well as T-cells in the blood. It also increases the number of antibodies in the mucus made in the nose and respiratory passages, the entry points for many germs.

In addition, laughter increases circulation, stimulates digestion, lowers blood pressure and reduces muscle tension.

So, try to start your day with a healthy dose of laughter. You can benefit greatly by joining a comedy club.

4. Catch Some Sunrays

Sunlight aids the production of vitamin D, the vitamin that helps promote protective immunity.

This vitamin supports proper functioning of the T cells that build immunity to help your body fight foreign, invading organisms.

catch some sunrays to improve immunity

If you have a low vitamin D level in your blood, you are at an increased risk of suffering from infections and tons of diseases like cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

A 2011 study published in the Journal of Investigative Medicine highlights how vitamin D aids in modulating the innate and adaptive immune responses. The study also sheds light on the fact that vitamin D deficiency is associated with increased autoimmunity as well as increased susceptibility to infections.

Getting 10 to 15 minutes of sun exposure (without sunscreen) on a daily basis is enough for the body to produce vitamin D.

5. Be Positive

Being optimistic and joyful is something we all should aspire for to remain healthy.

The immune system takes many of its cues from our thoughts and feelings. In fact, a positive attitude has been shown to improve immune cell functioning.

be positive to improve immunity

At the same time, those with a positive personality are at a lower risk of having a stroke or heart attack.

On the other hand, dwelling on negative thoughts can cause stress and other painful emotions, which can impact your immunity.

A 2010 study published in Psychological Science reports that feeling better about the future might help you feel better for real. Optimism may be good for your health and immunity.

6. Start Your Day with a Smoothie

Eating breakfast is important for your health, but eating something healthy is more important. Preparing a healthy breakfast is not possible for all. However, anyone can make a smoothie to get your day off to a good start.

start your day with a smoothie

Vegetables and fruits can practically double your immune system’s ability to fight disease. The immune system requires quite a few nutrients to function well. The antioxidant vitamins C, E, A and selenium are just a few nutrients that you can easily get from vegetables and fruits.

However, cooking vegetables and fruits can destroy their nutritional power. It is best to eat vegetables in raw form, which you can do by blending a few vegetables or fruits together to make a healthy smoothie.

To make a tasty smoothie, all you need is a food processor or blender, some fresh vegetables and fruits, nuts or seeds and just a few minutes in the morning for preparation.

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