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10 Natural Sweeteners & Sugar Alternatives

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9. Xylitol

Xylitol is another natural alternative for sugar. It is made from plant fibers that can include those of berries, birch and, most often, cornhusks.

This naturally occurring sugar alcohol is commonly used in gums, candies, toothpaste and other items.



As xylitol is a five-carbon sugar, unlike most other sugars that have six, it can prevent the growth of bacteria. The California Dental Association reports that xylitol has been proven to prevent tooth decay by reducing cavities and strengthening tooth enamel.

It is good for your teeth, has very few calories and does not raise blood glucose levels.

It is equal in sweetness and volume to sugar, and the granular form can be used in similar ways as sugar, including to sweeten cereals and hot beverages and for baking.

10. Yacon Syrup

Made from the root of the yacon plant that grows in the Andes region of South America, yacon syrup is a healthy alternative to sugar.


The juices are extracted from the roots, then filtered and evaporated in a chemical-free manufacturing process. The final product is a thick, dark syrup that resembles molasses.

yacon syrup


Being a prebiotic, this natural sweetener aids the absorption of calcium and other vitamins, and promotes healthy gut flora. This is turn promotes good digestion.

With an extremely low glycemic index score and a high concentration of indigestible inulin (a prebiotic fiber), yacon syrup is a great option for diabetics and those trying to lose weight.

You can use yacon syrup in baked goods, smoothies, desserts, sauces and dressings. You can have 4 to 5 teaspoons of yacon syrup a day.


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