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10 Natural Hacks to Survive in the Wilderness

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7. Find Your Way

A compass will help you find your way to civilization when you are lost in the wild. Having a map of the area will be even more helpful.

But navigating your way to civilization without a compass, map or GPS can be very tricky.

find your way downstream


Like people from the past, you can navigate your way by the sun and stars. To find eastern and western directions, you need to look at the sun. Remember, the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. This rule-of-thumb can help you find your direction on a sunny day.

You can also follow a water source downstream, or head toward a clearing where you can better signal for help.

You can even improvise a compass by using a metal item, such as a pin or sewing needle. Magnetize the metal item by rubbing just the eye of it some 100 times against your hair. Lay the needle on a leaf that can float in water. If no wind hits the leaf, the metal item will pull the floating leaf to orient itself on a north-south alignment.


8. Signal for Help

If you have a cell phone, communicate your need for rescue by calling the emergency number, even if there is no cell phone coverage. When you are able to connect with emergency responders, give them the details they need.


signal for help with smoke

If you do not have a cell phone or any other devices, fire is the best visual signal to use at night. Even the smoke from a fire can attract rescuers during the day. You can create smoke signals by adding live vegetation, green moss, grasses or even water to the fire.

During the daytime, you can reflect the sun off a mirror or other reflective item in the direction of the helicopter to attract the rescuers’ attention. If you hear rescuers in the distance, you can shout for help.

Remember that you will have to be more discreet in combat situations. Any kind of signal or movement can attract the enemy.

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