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10 Moisturizer Mistakes You Are Making

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9. Not Exfoliating Your Skin

For your moisturizer to penetrate deep into the skin and keep your skin hydrated, you must exfoliate your skin properly. If you are not doing so, then again you are making a big mistake.

not exfoliating your skin when using moisturizer

Exfoliating away the top layer of skin cells allows your moisturizer to really sink into your skin. Gentle exfoliation once or twice a week with a soft washcloth or cleansing brush is all that you need to get rid of dead skin cells.


When exfoliating, be as gentle as possible. Your skin is delicate in nature and needs to be handled with care.


10. Using It Only on Your Face

Not using moisturizer is the worst thing you can be doing to your skin. Applying it only on your face and neglecting the other parts of your body is also bad for your skin health.

use moisturizer on face as well as body

Just like your face, your neck, hands and legs also need a moisturizer. When applying moisturizer, concentrate on your face as well as areas below the neck, such as your elbows, knees and feet.


If you do not do so, your body will look dry and your skin will not remain healthy, soft and radiant.

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