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10 Foods to Avoid that Make You Stink

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7. Fish Oil Supplements

Fish oil supplements are rich in omega-3 fatty acids that benefit your health abundantly. Their anti-inflammatory properties are particularly beneficial for heart health.

fish oil supplements cause body odor and bad breath

On the downside, most fish oil supplements contain impurities that trigger a fishy body odor. Plus, you will be amazed to learn that fish oil capsules go rancid quickly. Hence, most of these capsule available in the market are actually rancid!


In addition to the stinking problem, fish oil supplements can also cause side effects like belching, nausea and acid reflux in some people.

Taking fish oil capsules that are enteric-coated can help reduce the gastrointestinal symptoms to some extent as they dissolve in the intestines not the stomach.


8. Fenugreek

Another herb and spice that can have a very noticeable effect on the tang of your urine is fenugreek.

fenugreek causes body odor and bad breath


Fenugreek is high in the compound solotone that, after passing through the urinary tract, boasts a strong smell in your urine. Interestingly, solotone is used commercially as one of the main ingredients in artificial maple syrup.

If your urine smells like fenugreek after eating a large amount of fenugreek leaves or seeds, it is best to avoid it or restrict its intake. Try some other herbs that are as healthy as fenugreek.

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