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10 Essential Facts about Cast Iron Pans that You Must Know

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9. Promises Durability

The question of durability does not even arise, as cast iron cookware that is thousands of years old is still in use.

Since it does not scratch, it does not get damaged easily with regular use. Plus, as it is very strong, you do not have to fear breakage, which is common when using glassware items.

With proper re-seasoning and reconditioning, cast iron cookware can last as many years as you want.

You can easily pass your cookware down through your family, generation after generation.

10. Gets Better with Time

Food may stick to your cast iron when using it for the first few times. But don’t get disappointed as with proper seasoning and care, the cookware will only get better with time.

Try to use your pan for cooking as often as possible to help the seasoning get better and ensure its nonstick quality.

You can even restore the beauty of the most rusted skillet. Clean it with warm water and salt, dry it thoroughly and season it again. The pan will look as good as new.

For seasoning a rusted pan, use flaxseed oil, which is a drying oil. It means that it can form a hard film through polymerization and helps create the best patina.

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