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10 Easy Health Hacks You Should Know

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9. Choose Fresh Products Over Canned

organic produce

Always try to eat fresh produce and avoid the canned versions to stay healthy. Fresh fruits and vegetables maintain more of their nutritional value. Plus, they taste the best.

On the other hand, canned products like vegetables, soups and beans contain higher levels of sodium and sugar. They also contain harmful chemical preservatives, and often canned food tastes horrible.


When it comes to fresh produce, buy organic and locally grown fruits and vegetables to prevent exposure to harmful chemicals. Although organic products are a bit expensive, their health benefits cannot be ignored.

All fresh produce should be washed thoroughly under running water before eating it. This helps get rid of any dirt, dust and even microorganisms that may have deposited on the surface during handling and transportation.

10. Use a Smaller Plate for Meals

eat in smaller plates

Another simple and easy health hack is to choose a smaller plate for your meals to cut down on calories and prevent overeating.


High calorie intake is the leading cause of obesity, high cholesterol and heart disease.


As it may not be possible to always count the calories you are eating, what you can do is reduce your calorie intake by switching to a smaller plate.

A 2005 study published in Obesity Research supports the notion that the amount of food on a plate or bowl increases intake.

This study says that people use their eyes to count calories and not their stomach. Thus, having a smaller plate can play an important role in preventing unintentional overeating.


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