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10 Early Warning Signs of Diabetes You Should Not Ignore

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9. Itchy, Dry Skin


As diabetes causes poor circulation, the sweat glands become dysfunctional, which in turn results in excessively dry skin.

Along with dryness, your skin may become excessively itchy. This occurs due to a yeast infection, dry skin or poor circulation and mostly affects the lower parts of the legs.


Diabetes may even cause dark skin patches in the folds of your skin around the armpits, neck and groin area. Frequent urination and perpetual state of thirst also contribute to dry and itchy skin.

If your skin still feels dry and itchy, despite using hydrating creams and lotions, consult your doctor to find out the underlying cause.

10. Blurry and Fuzzy Vision

blurry vision

If suddenly your vision gets blurry and you are having difficulty focusing and not able to see fine details, it can be due to high blood glucose levels.


High blood sugar leads to changes in the body’s fluid levels. This in turn causes the lenses in your eyes to swell up, affecting your ability to focus. Once the blood sugar level returns to normal, this vision problem resolves.


However, if left undiagnosed, diabetes can cause new blood vessels to form in your retina, leading to more serious eye problems like cataracts, glaucoma and retinopathy.

Although blurry vision may be a sign of diabetes, other common causes are glaucoma, dry eyes, nearsightedness, low blood pressure, an eye infection and even some kind of eye injury. It’s important to have any vision problems evaluated by a specialist.


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  1. This is very detailed and vital piece of information. It clearly gives an early indication of the problem hence avoiding serious complications. We have had such an experience in the home lucky that we rushed to a hospital but visually we saw these signs but could not know as early as possible

  2. Its really useful information for diabetics. Rice is must in our house . I m unable to add chapathi it in my daily lunch and dinner. I want to knw other alternatives for rice

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