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10 Daily Habits that Harm Your Immune System

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9. Consuming Too Much Caffeine

Drinking too much coffee and other caffeinated beverages is also not good for your immunity. Excessive caffeine stimulates your nervous system by increasing the stress level in the body. A high stress level causes the release of stress hormones like cortisol.

Too much caffeine reduces immunity

Cortisol is known to suppress the immune system, and make you more prone to infections and other health problems. Elevated cortisol is also linked to health issues related to the heart, blood sugar and high cholesterol.


When taken in moderation, coffee provides many benefits. So, limit yourself to just 1 to 2 cups of coffee a day.

10. Not Using Sunscreen

A little bit of sun exposure helps your body produce vitamin D, which in turn strengthens your immunity. But when you spend a long time out in the sun without sunscreen protection, you are harming your immune system.

Not using sunscreen puts immunity in danger

In fact, unprotected sun exposure can aggravate annoying problems like herpes or yeast infections. This happens as ultraviolet light causes immunological changes in the body. It can even damage or kill certain cells near the skin’s surface, which are the first line of defense against infectious agents and chemical toxins.


So, whenever you need to go out in the sun, always wear a sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher. Do not forget the sunscreen even during the rainy or winter months.

Other things that may harm your immune system include:

  • Avoiding people or human connections can also affect your immunity.
  • Being a pessimist can result in more stress-related damage to the immune system.
  • Bottling up your emotions can also weaken your immunity.
  • Chronic stress can significantly reduce your immune system functioning.
  • People who are too serious can also have a weakened immune system.
  • If you lead an inactive lifestyle, your immunity may suffer.
  • Taking antibiotics at the first sign of a sniffle can make you resistant to the drugs and suppress your immune system.
  • Living in a highly polluted area can leave your immune system in a vulnerable state.
  • Traveling frequently exposes you to germs and bacteria not normally found in your home environment, which can affect your immune system functioning.


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