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10 Cardio Tips to Help You Lose Weight Faster

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7. Eat Before an Intense Cardio Workout

If you have a habit of not eating before intense cardio workouts, then you may not reap the benefits.

Eat before intense cardio workout

Doing cardio on an empty stomach may cause a lack of the energy necessary to challenge your body properly. To keep your energy level high, eat something before starting your intense cardio workout.


However, this does not mean that you need to have a full meal. All you need is a small snack that won’t weigh you down. Ideally, eat a low-calorie healthy snack that will boost your energy, such as a protein bar or a banana. Also, do not forget to drink water to prevent dehydration.


8. Choose the Right Apparel and Shoes

To increase your pace or speed during your cardio session, it is important to choose the right apparel and shoes.

Choose the right apparel and shoes

Whether your cardio workout involves running, walking, sports or gym equipment, a decent  pair of sports shoes is a must. Wearing the right shoes while doing intense exercise will reduce the risk of injuring yourself. Remember that injury caused by inappropriate shoes can needlessly derail your fitness or weight loss attempt.


Like shoes, your clothes and gear can also help keep you comfortable. Always wear lightweight clothes that help absorb sweat.

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