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10 Cardio Tips to Help You Lose Weight Faster

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You probably already know that incorporating cardio exercises into your daily routine is one of the best ways to burn fat.

Cardio exercises are helpful, whether you want to lose weight, burn fat, improve your health – or all three. There are plenty of choices for cardio exercising, indoors and outdoors.

Walking, jogging, running, cycling, high-intensity aerobic intervals, Tabata and elliptical interval workouts are just some examples.


As weight gain is linked to different types of health problems, from diabetes to heart disease, more and more people are relying on cardio exercises to help them lose weight faster. But just doing cardio exercises is not enough.

You need to do your cardio workouts properly to reap the benefits. Along with that, a good diet and a healthy lifestyle are a must for a healthy and fit body.

Cuoihoi cardio tips to help you lose weight faster

So, if you want to burn fat or drop a few pounds, be sure to do it correctly.


Here are the top 10 cardio tips to help you lose weight faster. 

1. Warm Up First

Before you start your cardio exercise, it is recommended to do at least a 5-minute warm-up session.

Do some warm up first

Warm-up exercises promote blood flow throughout the body, including your muscles. It also prepares your heart for the impending exertion.

Another benefit of warming up is that it increases your body temperature, which in turn flushes your body with healthy oxygen that is essential for an effective workout session. This will ultimately help you lose weight more effectively and even prevent workout-related injuries.

2. Cool Down After the Workout

When your cardio workout is over, avoid rushing to take a quick shower and run off to work. Instead, give your body time to cool down.

Cool down after workout

Remember that cooling down after a workout is as important as warming up. After physical activity, your heart is still beating faster than normal, your body temperature is higher and your blood vessels are dilated. When you cool down after physical activity, it allows your body temperature to return to normal.

When you warm up and cool down properly, it will help you burn more calories when you are working out.

For cooling down, lie down for some time and practice deep breathing.

3. Stretch Properly

Doing cardio exercises promotes weight loss by increasing muscular activity and forcing your body to burn calories. To reap these benefits, stretching is a must.


Stretch Properly

Stretching before a workout flexes your muscles and promotes movement through them. This means you’ll be able to move freely during your cardio exercise. It also helps your muscles build more strength during weight training and keeps your muscles strong.

In addition, it helps your body prepare for activity and lowers your risk for exercise-related injuries.

After your workout, do some stretching again. This can help reduce the buildup of lactic acid, which can lead to painful muscle cramps and stiffness.

4. Add Variety

Doing the same cardio exercises daily will not help you lose weight.

Add variety to exercises

When you perform the same exercises every day, your body gets used to it, leading to little or no weight loss. Moreover, it can lead to muscle development in some areas of the body more than others.

Additionally, following the same exercise routine leads to boredom and soon you stop doing it.

The solution is to avoid doing the same cardio exercises repeatedly and include a variety of exercises in your routine.

5. Do Some Exercise During Weekends

After following a strict exercise routine all week, do not get lazy during the weekend. This can significantly slow down your weight loss efforts.

Do some exercises during weekends

While it is true that during the weekend you probably want a break from your intense cardio routine, there are still many fun activities that don’t seem like exercise but help burn fat. For example, visit a nearby beach and enjoy running on the sand or some swimming. Also, you can ride your bicycle and explore new areas of your neighborhood.

Just look around and you can find many ways to include some exercise in your life, especially during the weekend.

6. Give Intensity Priority

When it comes to cardio exercises for weight loss, many people take up running. If you also prefer to run to lose weight, make the “intensity of running” first priority, not distance.

Give intensity priority

It is the intensity of your running that will help you reach your weight loss target. So, instead of sticking to the long, slow, steady running, add some high-intensity intervals to your running routine.

This can be easily done by jogging at your normal pace for 60 seconds, then increase the speed for 30 seconds. Carry on your running session following this pattern for about 30 minutes or as your fitness levels allow.

Always remember that high-intensity intervals will help your body burn more fat after your workout, too.

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