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10 Awesome Non-Beauty Uses of Used Tea Bags

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Tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world after water.

It’s very easy and convenient to make a cup of tea, due to the invention of disposable tea bags. Just drop a tea bag in a cup of hot water, let it steep for a few minutes and you are ready to enjoy the goodness of tea.

Tea bags are available for different types of tea, such as green tea, black tea, chamomile tea, peppermint tea or any other herbal tea that your taste buds may desire.


Many people consider tea bags to be single-use items. One tea bag makes a perfect cup of tea and then the used tea bag is thrown in the garbage.

Even though you cannot use the same bag to brew another cup of strong tea, people often use them to treat dark circles under the eyes, reduce eye puffiness, heal minor burns, fight bad breath and so on.

There are many beauty uses for used tea bags. However, apart from beauty, there are many awesome and unique uses that you won’t believe until you try them yourself.

non-beauty uses of tea bags


Here are the 10 awesome uses of non-beauty uses of used tea bags.

1. Tenderizes Tough Meat

Tea contains tannins that act as a natural meat tenderizer to soften tough cuts of meat. In fact, marinating your meat in black tea can turn a cheap cut of meat into a juicy and tender meal.

Plus, it adds a unique, delicious flavor.

  1. Put 4 tablespoons of the contents of used black tea bags in a cup.
  2. Pour hot water over the tea contents.
  3. Cover and steep for 10 minutes, then strain out the solution.
  4. Marinate your meat in this solution for 3 to 4 hours.
  5. Now, cook your meat the way you want it and enjoy the tender bites.

2. Deodorizes the Refrigerator

Whether the reason behind your stinky refrigerator is spoiled leftovers tucked away in the back or there was a power outage while you were away, you can get rid of the nasty smell with used tea bags.

This is a safe and effective way to deodorize a stinky refrigerator. Used tea bags will not only mask the bad odor but also keep it smelling fresh like a new one.

  • Stash 3 or 4 used teabags in the refrigerator to zap unwanted odors.
  • You can also keep a weak brewed tea in an open container in the refrigerator.

3. Enhances Your Compost Pile

The contents of used tea bags can be used to speed up the decomposition process and enrich your natural compost. The tea contents are brimming with nutrients and tannic acid that will improve the soil quality, increase oxygenation and help create stronger root systems when you cultivate plants in the soil.


The tea also encourages friendly bacteria to grow, which in turn prevents fungal and pest problems.

This type of compost is recommended for gardeners who aim for higher quality vegetables, flowers and foliage.

  • Brew some weak tea with the used tea bags. Allow the tea to cool, then pour the liquid into the compost pile.
  • You can also cut open a used tea bag and sprinkle the contents directly on the soil.

4. Adds Flavor to Oats or Grains

Not just cleaning, used tea bags can also be used in cooking. The subtle flavor will enhance the taste of your dishes and the nutritional benefits of tea will improve your health.

  1. Steep a couple of used bags of jasmine, green or chamomile tea in a pan of water for 10 minutes.
  2. Remove the tea bags from the water and add your pasta, oats or rice.
  3. Now, cook your dish as you want.

You can even swap weak brewed tea for stock in recipes.

5. Degreases Dishes

The tea bag that you use to make your favorite beverage can be utilized later on to degrease dirty dishes. The tannins in the tea will cut through the grease, making dishwashing a breeze.

Plus, tea is an excellent deodorizer and can help freshen up your dishwasher or sink. Also, tea bags are perfect for those who are allergic to detergents or soaps.

  1. Soak your greasy dishes in warm water.
  2. Put some used tea bags in the water to break up the grease.
  3. Wait 1 to 2 hours. For dishes with heavy grease, let them soak overnight.
  4. Finally, wash your dishes as usual – minus the dreadful scrubbing.

6. Freshens Up the Air

Tea has antibacterial properties and can be used to neutralize household odors and add a nice aromatic fragrance to your rooms.

  • Put a used teabag in the sun to dry out completely. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil, and your homemade air freshener is ready. You can hang the tea bag in your car, kitchen, bathroom or anywhere else that needs freshening up. Preferably, use an herbal or flavored teabag like peach/cherry flavored tea bags from your local supermarket.
  • Another option is to pour 2 cups of light tea brewed from used tea bags in a spray bottle. Add 4 tablespoons of lemon juice and a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Give the bottle a shake to thoroughly mix the contents, then simply spray it where needed.
  • You can also keep used lavender-flavored tea bags in the seat covers of your car as a natural air freshener.

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