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10 Awesome Body Hacks That Will Change Your Life

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9. Rock Your Head from Side to Side to Treat Numb Hands

treat numb hands

When your hands remain at rest in a compressed position, they may become numb or fall asleep. This often happens when you rest your head on your hands while watching TV or attending a lecture class.

The ‘pins and needles’ sensation or the feeling you get when your hands fall asleep is very uncomfortable.


To get rid of this tingling sensation, simply rock your head from side to side. As your hands fall asleep, the nerves in your neck become compressed.

Rocking your head from side to side loosens up the nerves in your neck and provides instant relief from the tingling sensation.

Another option is to shake the affected hand gently a couple of minutes.

10. Reset Your Internal Body Clock through Eating

reset your internal body clock


Those who work in shifts or travel a lot often face challenges going to sleep and waking up at different times than their natural body clocks would prefer.

Shift workers and travelers may be able to successfully manipulate their body clocks through their eating habits.

Eating habits transfer messages to the hypothalamus, which makes decisions about when a person is awake and when they should be sleeping.

By fasting for 16 hours prior to a trip or eating at the times they would if they were in their destination’s time zone, travelers may avoid jet lag.

Shift workers may also benefit from resetting their body clocks in this manner as their shifts change.


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