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Cuoihoi Health Benefits of Flaxseed

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7. Improves Digestive Health

digestion improve

Flaxseed is high in fiber that is essential for a healthy digestive system. It can help smooth passage of food through the intestines and even improve intestinal absorption of nutrients. The omega-3 fatty acids in flaxseed also protect the lining of the digestive tract and help maintain gastrointestinal health.

Plus, flaxseeds and flaxseed oil work as natural laxatives and can alleviate constipation. However, when consuming ground flaxseed, make sure to also drink a good amount of water or it can cause side effects.


Note: People suffering from diarrhea and chronic digestive disorders, such as irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease, or diverticulitis should avoid flaxseed because of its laxative effect.


8. Aids Detoxification

flaxseed for detoxification

The main purpose of detoxifying your body is to make sure harmful toxins, cholesterol and other waste products processed by the liver are eliminated properly. Flaxseed contains both soluble and insoluble fiber that are very effective in flushing out toxins from the intestinal tract.

Plus, flaxseed is loaded with essential fatty acids, particularly omega-3 faty acids that are essential for many cleansing functions and maintaining a healthy immune system.


When the body is free from toxins, there is less chance of suffering from chronic fatigue, weakness, inflammation, and congestion.

You can use both whole and ground flaxseed for detoxification. Soak 1 tablespoon of whole flaxseed in a cup of water overnight. The next morning, eat both the seeds and gel. Repeat daily for 2 weeks. You can also add 1 tablespoon of ground flaxseed to any green detox smoothie.

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