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Cuoihoi Health Benefits of Drinking Water

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9. Relieves Hangover


Drinking water works as a simple yet effective way to get rid of hangover as well. Being a diuretic, alcohol causes you to pee much more than you take in. Thus, water helps rehydrate the body and speed up recovery.

Experts recommend drinking 16 to 20 ounces of water at night before going to bed after you have had too much alcohol.


10. Beats Bad Breath

bad breath

Bad breath is a clear sign that you may not be drinking sufficient water. It keeps your mouth moist and washes away food particles and bacteria. It also dilutes the smelly compounds that oral bacteria create.


So, drink sufficient water and also rinse your mouth with water, especially after having a meal or snack to control odors and remove bacteria and food debris stuck between your teeth and gum line.

To conclude, it is essential to make necessary efforts to drink adequate amount of water daily. To derive the various health benefits of water, make sure to drink filtered water. Along with water, also take more fluids and eat more fruits and vegetables that are high in water content.



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